What Makes a Junk Car Valuable

Posted by Cash Junk Cars 1 Inc on January 29th, 2019

Cars are built to be incredibly tough, but not invincible. Between parts failing, crashes causing structural damage, and lack of use, a car can weather, deteriorate, and rust when not being maintained. When this happens, you’re stuck with a few-ton bucket of (or soon to be) rust taking up space. In the industry, we call this a junk car. Fortunately, almost every junk car is worth something so as long as you can find reputable car and truck removal services, you’ll be able to get something out of that clunker after all.

Valuable Metals
While different car types have different amounts of specific metals on their bodies, just about every car has steel, aluminum, and copper that can be salvaged. While not overly valuable to you, the sheer size and weight of the car means there is a LOT that is available to be recycled – and these metals are worth something to junk yards who can salvage the scrap. After being salvaged, they can be sold – making even the junkiest of cars worth something to junk car removal services.

Salvageable Parts
If your car or truck isn’t a total rust bucket, it may have some salvageable parts. From the obvious like the engine to accessories like decals, steering wheels, and hood ornaments, these parts are worth something when repaired or restored because they can go into other cars, with your junk car as the donor. This is especially true for luxury brands and models that have unique style or accessories tied to the brand like a Jaguar head ornament or Corvette racing flags.

While there is value to a car that isn’t running, you must have the time and skill to salvage the materials to make it worth it for you. In many cases, this simply isn’t a worthwhile investment. Instead, you can work with trusted junk car removal services like those offered at Cash Junk Cars. At Cash Junk Cars, they’ve been helping people turn their clunker into cash for years. While other car and truck removal services may try to charge you for pickup or lowball you, Cash Junk Cars prides themselves on FREE 1-hour pickups 24/7 on your schedule. Simply schedule an appointment, get an offer, and enjoy your cash as the rust bucket is hauled away.

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