?7? Tips to Make A Positive Impression on Clients in The Conference Room!

Posted by Savvy Training Room on January 29th, 2019

The organizing company may pursue different goals when planning and booking a conference room for rent. And, one of them, making a positive impression on clients. It only takes 3-6 seconds to make a snap judgment of the person approaching. A conference, seminar or forum is a crowd of strangers. First impressions are very spontaneous and create a lasting image of the person into the mind of others.  

But, how to impress them or attract them towards your business so that they will stay in touch with your company. However, here's how to establish communication with them without compromising personal space. So, let’s have a look at these following tips to make a positive impression on clients at the conference room:


The desire to stand out with an unusual appearance or, conversely, not to change yourself and your favorite sweater with deer can spoil the first impression. It all depends on how well you carry yourself and what your body language portrays. Therefore, if you decide to join the masses, then try to dress like everyone else. A formal outfit at a conference will attract the attention of the public. So, dressing well, looking polished, and keeping yourself professional is the perfect way to build the first good impression.  


One of the latest trends in the organization of conferences is the rejection of boring guest presentations and listing various regalia in favor of a short witty comment on the personal qualities of the speaker. Therefore, to the flawless organization and practical benefits of the event, you can pamper your clients with a usual presentation of information. So, starting out with an agenda of the presentation can also give audience members the impression that you are well organized.


At events for customers decided to give gifts. Surely every time you have to wrestle with what to give such a gift to your customers or partners, which they have not yet been given. In this case, make sure that the gifts are original, useful and cost at least a little cheaper than the cast-iron bridge. Recently, so-called business gifts have become common like discounts, plastic cards, favorable working conditions, certificates, etc.


In above all, the conference for clients is a business event in which the main actor is your company. So, if you decide that your event should demonstrate the stability of your company, then platforms of conference room rentals will meet the traditional requirements of yours. You can prepare the report in the form of tables and graphs broadcast on the screen using a projector.  It is important to pair the data and statistics with easy-to-understand visuals when giving a presentation on subjects.


In the age of modern technology, live communication between people is gradually reduced to a minimum. Today, even participation in the event is often confirmed by a programmed electronic robot. Nevertheless, one should not overestimate electronic helpers. By nominating a special person to confirm applications and conduct correspondence with each of the participants, you will express your respect for the conference guests. This will help strengthen communication between the invitees and leave the lasting impression.


When preparing for the event for clients, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities and needs of your clients. In order for clients to come to you and get satisfaction from the event, it is necessary to analyze their needs and attract something. At the event, it is one of the well-known business reports. This will certainly raise the status of the rental conference room itself and the credibility of your company. The event program demonstrates the achievements of your company and its stability in the market and leaves the memorable impression in the mind of clients.


Maintain conversation, trying to touch on different topics, delving into those that are interesting to the interlocutor. This will show that you have the potential, and the new topics you are talking about will show that you can learn from you. Think of each conversation as the construction of something in common. Regardless of who you talk to, eye contact is the key to how to interest and attract a person. When you stop looking into your eyes, the other person loses faith in your sincerity. Speaking at the pulpit, look for eye contact with the audience, smile at them, ask questions, but do not forget to involve the entire audience in such communication, otherwise, you will lose the interest of the audience.  


Therefore, these tips are some of the main areas you must focus on before attending a conference in order to create a lasting impression in the client’s mind. Another important factor, book the conference room for rent in advance so that you can make the best plans for your meeting. By following these simple steps and practice them before pitching a big client, you can master the art of making the best first impression.

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