Why You Like to Choose MEAN Stack for Your Web Development Project

Posted by Victor Bajaj on January 29th, 2019

When it comes to web development on a large scale, web developers have found an array of options to make. However, at the same time no one should remember that the technology is getting advanced and introducing new challenges; So when you are choosing a JavaScript framework, choose the best Freelance Meanstack Developer who showcases there skills and flexibility to work smoothly. And this is precisely why most web developers have switched from the LAMP / WAMP stack to the MEAN stack, which is excellent at the present time.

MEAN stack is considered suitable, whether you are building a website for a startup business or a well-established organization. In fact, if you Hire Freelance Meanstack Developer both marginal and backend developers like to use this JavaScript framework for web development process.

MEAN stack is an open source software where M stands for MongoDB, E means to express, A is the mean AngularJS, and ultimately N means Node.js. It is feasible to discuss each of these technical words separately. The combination of all these four technologies has been a blessing for web developers because they can easily complete complicated projects too and at the same time you need to choose the best freelance web developer

  • MongoDB: The first MongoDB of the assembly is usually a cross-platform independent and open-source database framework. One of its primary tasks is managing a database. It depends on the architecture of the collection documents, not the tables and the rows. But one of the major advantages of having MongoDB is to help move data using JSON format.In addition, it is also cost-effective and can also be used effectively for the transfer of client and server-side data. This is not all. You can also use it for storage, index preparation, load balancing and aggregation for many other purposes.
  • Express.js: This is another very popular Javascript framework based web application that helps the API when developing web applications. It is through state-of-the-art technology that the developer can add new features and when it connects to Node.js, the development process becomes simpler. It is mainly used for backend development and can write a fast and secular application.
  • AngularJS: As Express.js is basically rooted in the backend development process, angular is used for front end operation. Therefore, it can be considered as an ideal friend for full stack frontend developers who are busy in the project. Since this framework is being developed by Google, the factor of reliability increases. You can create dynamic web applications that are completely scalable and have a modular structure. Apart from this, there is also the ability to bind the code and help the developers to focus on the main app. It is interesting to note that it is a major tool for creating mobile apps with the help of Apache Cordova for cross-platform.
  • Node.js: Node.js is yet another famous Javascript web development application based on Chrome's V8 engine. What makes it unique is the presence of a run-time feature that can help develop vibrant and scalable web applications. You can also make web server, free modules, as well as networking tools that help in accessing networks, data streams, crypto-based functions and more. Apart from this, it also helps in reducing difficulties during development. It supports all major functions such as UNIX, Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS etc.

Benefits of Choosing a MEAN Stack:
Now, analyze some important reasons why the MEAN stack is moving forward in the Javascript framework:

1. Choose MEAN Stack due to your budget friendship
MEN Stack is one of the most important reasons in the list of both customers as well as the developer is due to its budget-friendly nature. The client will not need to search for different developers because this framework is a complete stack. In fact, since it has gained prominence, many young interested developers are showing their keen interest. This gives you the opportunity to work as a skilled team where a project is assigned to all JavaScript developers and they work on it with coordination. Developers can share the code with each other and it is reusable within the stack.

2. This is a complete JavaScript
Another point that goes in favour of the MEAN stack is a complete JavaScript framework that proves to be beneficial for both the client and server side. In addition, it supports both Windows and Linux OS. Due to the presence of Javascript, it provides optimal user experience and helps in the management of data properly.

3. Known for its flexibility and efficiency
MEN Stack is a flexible and efficient JavaScript framework that can handle projects of all sizes and companies effectively. It can be a complex task, or the client can ask you to create a single page app or a hard app. However, if you are assisted by an experienced team and have strong coordination, then working on various projects becomes very easy. Even data and other information are easy to share; You only need to add one field and follow the further process.

4. Advantages of getting JSON
JSON is one of the great assets of the board as far as MEAN stack developers are concerned. It helps in uninterrupted distribution of data between layers if the developer is choosing MongoDB or AngularJS. You are saved by trying to write code. Developers can also access PHP. What can be done more is the data can be imported from the MSQL server with the help of code and can also process it. JSON also gives you the benefit of JSON that MEAN uses the same formats every time and you can save a lot of time if you are making improvements. Even more pleasant is the fact that it supports the external API so that you can work with them.

5. The ideal choice for businesses due to scalability
If you look at all the four structures that constitute a MEAN stack, you will see that all are highly scalable, along with the open, open source. Apart from this, it also includes a set of additional libraries and reusable modules. All of these play an important role in speeding up the pace of development and save a lot of time.

There is no doubt that when it comes to developing a dynamic and highly visited web application, the MEAN stack is a perfect choice. It provides you with a single-page application as well as a platform for creating more difficult applications. Actually, Node.js has already got some giant players on the platform, including Netflix, Paypal, LinkedIn and Uber etc.

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