How to Choose the Best Conference Table for Your Space

Posted by Office Furniture on January 29th, 2019

When you walk into a conference room, the very first thing you see is generally the conference table. Conference rooms are generally used as meeting rooms. These may be areas used only occasionally for formal meetings or a space used often for team meetings, information sharing and relationship building. It is important that you have the right conference table for your space.

The Shape

The shape of the conference table can actually make people feel a certain way, so it is important to relate the shape to the type of conference room space. A circular table includes everyone and improves unity, performance and mood while also increasing concentration. This is a perfect shape for an area requiring strong focus and idea sharing. Triangular tables produce feelings of power and energy and stimulate purpose and action. Triangular tables are for action-orientated spaces such as demonstration rooms, marketing discussions and sales planning. Rectangular or square tables are for disciplined areas and promote stability and rational thinking. These are seen as the most formal of the table shapes and boost productivity. Perfect for conference rooms where order and peace are required.

The space available

The conference table has to be able to fit comfortably into the space and allow for people to move around the table while everyone is seated. It is important to measure the space before purchasing your conference table and layout where the table would be and the amount of area required for easy movement. That way you can purchase the perfect fit for the space.

The office decor

It might seem strange, but it is important that the conference table fits in with the general office style and comes across as looking great in the space where it is situated. Good aesthetics in the office is associated with healthier and happier workplaces. Choose a conference table that makes a statement, blends with the environment and would be considered beautiful.

Choose the size and shape of the table you need for the space and then you can go about looking at a variety of conference tables available before you make a final choice. Take pictures of the room and surrounding areas with you if you go to purchase the table in person so that you can choose something that blends well and is not an eye-sore in the office. Chat with others in the office and get some ideas and ask advice from the chosen furniture company to purchase a conference table that perfectly matches your needs.

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