The Benefits of a T Shaped Desk

Posted by Office Furniture on January 29th, 2019

A T-shaped desk can help maximize workspace in a small area as well as improve your productivity. Setting up an office or cubicle with a T-shaped desk can help improve the ergonomics and the way people work. T-shaped desks can also allow for maximum use of office space while still allowing some personal workspace.

T-shaped desk as a divider

The T-shaped desk allows for a division of the stuff in your workspace while still allowing you to keep everything in reach. T-shaped desks are generally for two persons, with a desk space in front and the T section in the middle. Shared items such as printers, stacked filing systems, stationery and so forth can go on to one part of the desk, leaving the rest open and clear for work. This can also be a shared area for items not always in use such as coffee cups, cleaning materials, office phones and so forth.

Easy paper file sharing

There are a wide variety of styles, some of which allow for under counter filing. This works great when the 2 persons at the T-shaped desk need to share filed documents and other paperwork. Otherwise, this area would need to be divided, which could cause issues between the desk sharers.

Space usage is improved

T-shaped desks do allow for more work areas in offices with smaller spaces as they take up less space that allocating 2 full-size desks to the shared area. This could also mean the difference between the number of desks that can be put into the space. In a more confined space, this type of desk allows for an open area on either side so that both people can get in and out easily without getting in each other's way as well.

Perfect for "hotel" style workers

A T shaped desk is especially great for offices where people travel frequently or people work shifts or flexi-time and desks are often left open for long periods. More desks can be fitted into the space and people will not be as tempted to leave personal items in the space, so people can basically sit and work at any desk when they are in the office.

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