Dry transformer or Oil cooled transformer?

Posted by vajra on January 29th, 2019

Transformers are a very useful device and are used to transmit electricity from one place to another place. Those who were in search of the transformer making company can in India can contact Vajra Transpower, transformer making company in India instantly. It is one of the electrical transformers manufacturers in Hyderabad that offers qualitative high voltage as well as low voltage transformers.

There are many categories under which transformers can be separated like single phase, three phase, dry and cool transformer, step down and step up transformer. Everyone should be aware of the differences between them and what is there basic function is. Our country cannot develop and grow without the supply and transmission of electricity. Everywhere there is consumption of power. This world has become automated only due to power consumption.

Looking for transformer making company in India? Transformer takes high voltage directly from the power station and convert it into lower voltage. This helps in the smooth and proper running of machinery and appliances. There are appliances that can handle only low voltage and can behave differently if come across high voltage. That is why for those types of appliances, low voltage appliances are used for home electricity supply purpose.

But due to the continuous supply of power, often transformer get heated up. So, what can be done in that situation? Because, if preventive measures are not taken, it may have some bad result. There are two types of transformers used in the industry – dry type transformer and oil-cooled transformers. Dry type transformer uses air as a cooling medium.


Oil type transformer needs more maintenance procedures as compared to dry type transformer. The oil needs to be sampled for contamination whereas try type transformer is very resistant to chemical contamination. Therefore, we can say that oil type transformer needs more care and maintenance as compared to dry transformers.


If cost is to be compared by combining both initial and operation cost, dry type transformer is higher in cost. Oil filled transformers are Oil filled transformers have high standard energy efficiency and higher lifespan than dry type transformer.


These transformers can be categorized on the basis of the noise level they produce. If both of them are compared, then it is noticed that oil cooled transformers make the lower operating sound level as compared to dry type transformer.


The life of the dry type transformer is limited whereas oil cooled have better operating life and maintainability.  It produces less waste and needs lesser replacements and labor.


Dry type transformers have higher electrical losses and it needs more expensive to maintain dry type power supply for a longer time. Whereas oil cooled type transformers do not require much maintenance and have high efficiency.

Get the best electrical transformers manufacturers in hyderabad and help your country to develop b transmitting power all around the country. Before a choosing transformer making company in India, do proper research process and them only final the deal with the transformer manufacturing company. We hope you must have very well got the points that we were trying to impart.

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