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Posted by Pramod Prajapti on January 30th, 2019

Rukn Al Burhan best hardware tools supplier in Dubai. We provide fasteners supplier Dubai, hand & power tools at best price. Request a catalog or call (+971)-58-1321598.

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Hardware – We stock our aisles with all the nuts and bolts and general builder’s hardware you’d expect from a top quality supply company. From caulks and adhesives, to fasteners and nails, we have all you need to keep your projects together. We can also supply elegant residential hardware, including door locks, knobs, levers and cabinet hardware. From the humble nail to the grand entry door lock, we have it all!

Tools – We carry both power and hand tools for pretty much any job. Cordless tools, miter saws, wrenches, screwdrivers, tape measures, hammers, trowels, assorted hand tools ; and much more for your everyday projects. For your outside projects, we have rakes, shovels, picks, brooms, wheelbarrows, lifting equipment and tools ; and much more.

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Contact Address:
309, Old Labour Office Building,
Near Al Qiyadah Metro Station
Hor Al Anz East
Dubai – United Arab Emirate

Mobile: (+971)-58-1321598
Whatsapp: (+971)-58-1321598
Phone: (+971)-4-2274886
Contact Email (For Inquiries):

Pramod Prajapti

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