A Few Questions about Beef Jerky

Posted by john roone on January 30th, 2019

You love to pack it with you wherever you go; beef jerky is one of the favorite foods that you love to have formeals. They are easily available at the convenience and grocery stores. Bu, do you know how to differentiate between the good and cheap jerky. Does it taste exactly like real meat or different?

If you are looking forward to buy bulk beef jerky for your shop or just want to have a taste to it, these questions will help you.

Does beef jerky taste like real meat?

Most of the major brands of jerky are full of sugar, preservatives and tenderizers so its natural meat flavors do not remain. Just bite a piece of jerky and you would be able to taste the real flavor of the beef just as you would taste any chunk of roast tri-tip or grilled steak.

Does it chew exactly like real meat?

There are quite a few beef jerky brands that taste like Oberto, Pemmican and Jim etc. These brands taste delicious and are easily available at the retail stores. Just eating it with a fruit chew or cooking it for too long makes it crumbly. There are times when brands add meat tenderizers which make the meat mushy. The best jerky tastes exactly like eating a piece of streak once you chew it down to a soft mass.

What is that stringy stuff?

Mass produced jerky makes use of the low grades of beef which is filled with the rubbery gristle, stringy sinews and unchewable tissues in abundance. Also, you can find large chunks and streaks of fat. Contrary to this, jerky of a good quality should be lean absolutely. It’s okay to have streaks of fat or tiny flecks as this adds a beefy flavor. But, if there is too much of fat it will turn rancid sooner.

Does the advertised flavor is true?

When any jerky package reads “Hot” then it should be hot only not medium hot barely hot. The same happens with teriyaki also; major brands use sweetened soy only and do not add ginger or mirin wine to make good teriyaki.

These days all the brands make simple, all natural beef jerky that can be easily chewable. So, you do not need any additional aid to chew it.

Does jerky contain any type preservatives?

Sodium erythorbate and sodium nitrite are the some of the commonly used preservatives in the meat. But, these days’ oxygen absorbers and vacuum packaging is done which increases the shelf life of the jerky.

The jerky is really good when it tempts you to have more of it. If you need Wholesale Jerky for your business make sure to contact a certified supplier only.

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