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5 Little Things You Can Do This Week To Make Your Life A Little Better

Posted by TealN on January 30th, 2019

Sometimes life gets hectic and we get caught up in so many things we forget to check in with ourselves and tak care of our own needs.

There are times when life gets so hectic that you don't even know time is passing you by. But there are small things you can do to make sure your life runs as well as it can do. It takes a bit of planning and conscious planning, but creating small habits to do these things for yourself is absolutely great and always pay off in differing degrees.

Learn To Cook Healthy Dinners

Healthy dinners that are quick to make are a surefire way to ensure you're always fed, and that you have the energy to tackle the day as best as you can.

There are too many days where you can easily go skipping a few meals because you're simply too lazy to actually cook something from scratch or because you get caught up in doing something and you get so into it you don't want to stop just to get somethingn to eat.

Add a few days you do this and all of a sudden it turns into weeks, and then into months of you abusing your body and not giving it the proper nutrition and fuel it needs to stay healthy. You end up detereorating your energy levels over time and you'll start to feel it. 

Then you won't perform as best as possible and you won't be able to make the progress in your pesonal life that you want. 

Adopt Planning/ Bullet Journaling

Planning is a habit that shoud be adopted by everyone. I always like to say that everyone is a business owner, whether they like it or not. Because we all have to learn to run our own lives and make sure its profitable in both monetary wealth but also what we are putting into the world, whether tangible or otherwise.

Planning can help make sure you stay on track with all of your personal goals, whether you take a long time to reach them or not. But planning makes sure you don't derail and get distracted with outside options. This is because you've already sat down to draw out what the most important things in your life are, that need to get done for you to keep making progress and stay on top of things.

Learn To Organize 'Little' Life Things Properly

There are always little things you can do to make your everyday life go smoother. Like taking a photo copy of all your important documents and storing them somewhere safe (like a USB). Or even making sure you adopt one little good habit and add it to your morning routine (like drinking some lemon water). 

There are a TON of ways create a better lifestyle and make it easier on yourself. But at first it takes some work to implement the habits to make it happen. James Clear is a master at writing on the subject of creating lasting habits that will stick.

Because when it comes to creating good habits, we can know in our head that they'll be good for us but willing ourselves into actually enacting them everyday and sticking to them is something entirely differently.

One of the things he talks about is making sure that you get rid of as much friction as you can between you and your habit. Meaning that, as an example, if you're trying to make sure you go out for a run every day, make it super easy for you to get up in the morning at do it. 

This can mean setting out your workout clothes, filling up a bottle of water and leaving it by your bed side. It might seem silly at first, but can work surprisingly well.

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