5 Unique Technical SEO Frameworks to Improve The Websites? Ranking!

Posted by Lauren Mclaren on January 31st, 2019

Technical SEO is vital to your site and forms the basis for an effective search strategy. It is the correction of technical errors that prevent the site from being displayed correctly to users. Such errors are fixed by search bots, which negatively affects the ranking of the site. Positions go lower, competing sites go higher.  

This SEO allows you to improve the usability of the company's website, indexing and search engine scanning. But, how is it possible? So, let’s have a look at the following frameworks where optimizers of affordable SEO company can make improvement in their websites’ ranking:

  • Checking the Ability to Scan your Site (Indexing & Crawlability)

If the search engine robots can crawl and index the pages of your site, then it means your site is in the SERPs. But, if the links on your site do not search engine friendly, this means that your site has a very poor ability to crawl. This can create a very serious problem to achieve search engine rankings. So, consider the following steps:





How to check the Indexation status

  • Enter sitename:domain.com into your target search engine.

  • Use SEO crawling tool or log into Google Search Console and then click on Google Index>Coverage.





How to check the crawlability status

  • If site is not properly crawled that means on pages are not linked to internally, Non-index meta tag, and X-Robot Tag Header.

  • Robots.txt will give you an idea of whether your most important pages are crawlable or not.

  • So, click on Crawl Crawl>Crawl Stats in your Google Search Console to see your daily crawl budget.

How to Improve the crawl budget

  • Grow your link profile.

  • Eliminating duplicate content and pages.

  • Restricting indexation of pages like terms and conditions, privacy policies, and outdated promotions.

  • Fixing broken links and redirect chains.

Mobile-First Indexing

What is it

  • This is only possible if your website has a responsive design, dynamic serving, and a separate mobile URL for all devices.

  • It adds the voice search into your keyword research.


Note: The number of pages crawls by search engines in a given period is called your “crawl budget.

  • Speed Up Boot Time of Your Website

Site speed is very important, as Google rewards fast download sites and takes up well. So, if you want your site to show in the best search results, then you really should start looking at the speed of the site. It is possible through these ways:



Adjust the Image Size

  • Before uploading the images, Use the image editing program like Microsoft Paint (Windows) or Preview (Mac) to customize the image.  

  • After resizing the image, take the TinyPNG compressor tool. It can reduce the size of the file without reducing the resolution.

Remove Unnecessary Plugins

  • Disable each plugin one by one and check your site with the GT Metrix tool.


  • Make Improvement in the Site Structure & Navigation

A clear site architecture, simple navigation and clean sitemap can make the improvement in the UX and crawlability. Easily navigated sites help the users and search engines to explore it and understand the posted content.



Create a Clear Sitemap

  • Sitemaps help search engines, how your site is structured in regards to index all the URLs of the site and discover the fresh content.

Use Proper Anchor Text

  • Clearly navigate the users through interrelated useful and powerful linking.

  • An internal link with text clearly indicates where to send users and understand website’s context.

Audit the Internal Linking

  • By conducting an audit of your site, you can fix the issues of on-page search engine optimisation like internal links.

  • Make sure that none of your pages are deeper than 3 clicks from the main page as the deeper the page, the less the reference is transmitted.  

  • Audit internal links and heck broken links, click depths and redirect links.

  • SEMrush, Moz, and Ahrefs are all great tools to help you with this.


  • The Importance of HTTPS

The “S” in HTTP indicates the word "SSL", which means Secure Socket Layer. It is a technology that encrypts the connection from the website. It is very important to prevent hackers from stealing information on your site. SSL helps prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. This is very important if you have an e-commerce website. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) requires SSL. These ready-made pages provide better rankings. Our affordable SEO company will provide the secure connection to your sites.

  • Avoid Pop-Ups

Avoid using pop-ups at all costs as it may be bad for search engine optimisation. If you use pop-ups to allow cookies or check age, then use it correctly. But if you use pop-ups for disruptive purposes, then search engines will not conduct it as useful.

Final Words

Technical SEO is not difficult but ignoring this SEO can really drop the ranking of in the search engines. So, focus on what is missing and find out how your site performs in Google search results if you want more search traffic to increase your website sales. The above-mentioned detailed on technical SEO guide helps you a lot in establishing the search site traffic.



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