XanGo...Taste the power of xanthones from the whole mangosteen fruit

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

http://www.freshmangosteen.com/xango-juice-history.aspx">XanGo Juice is a nutritious drink made from http://www.freshmangosteen.com/mangosteen.aspx">mangosteen fruit. http://www.freshmangosteen.com/xango-juice-history.aspx">XanGo Juice contains powerful antioxidants due to xanthones found in the mangosteen fruit. This amazing fruit has fascinated the original inhabitants of Southeast Asia for thousands of years due to its nutritional benefits. XanGo is taking the health food market by storm and is becoming the 'it' product for all nutritional supplements.

It provides:

?Provides much needed powerful antioxidants and healthy nutrients.
?Improves the immune system and blood circulation.
?Strengthens body's ability to fight disease and infection.

You can order XanGo Juice from us anytime. XanGo Juice is available in USA, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Australia, New Zealand, Tobago, Hong Kong, Phillippines, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Bermuda and Mexico.

XanGo Juice is very delicious. The puree http://www.freshmangosteen.com/mangosteen.aspx">fruit juice of the mangosteen contains xanthones whicy may help promote joint flexibility and support the immune system*. Scientists are truly amazed with the recent research done on the mangosteen fruit and have found that not only the fruit, but its outer rind has a concentrated source of http://www.freshmangosteen.com/xanthones.aspx">xanthones. The puree made from the whole fruit is a source of Polyphenols, Cathechines, and powerful antioxidants.

XanGo, LLC is also the name of the company to introduce the benefits of the mangosteen fruit juice under the brand name "XanGo Juice". It is also the only company in the world that has extensively researched this amazing fruit. XanGo owns the only extraction process known that actually protects the important ingredients of the mangosteen fruit. No chemical residues, toxins, pesticides, fertilizers, or contaminants of any kind is added to ensure delivery of the pure natural mangosteen fruit's benefits.

By drinking a couple of ounces a day of XanGo Juice you can have all the benefits of the amazing http://www.freshmangosteen.com/xanthones.aspx">phytonutrient called xanthone.

http://www.freshmangosteen.com/cart/XanGo.htm">Order now

Phone: 1-866-946-2368
XanGo Corporate office address: 3098 W. Executive Parkway
Lehi, Utah 84043

http://www.freshmangosteen.com/xango-juice-history.aspx">XanGo Juice

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