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Posted by AG Ganguly on January 31st, 2019

With over twenty years of experience as a consultant in multiple areas; AG Ganguly has earned a huge reputation as one of the leading advisors and path-maker for numerous enterprises. The history of the two decades has been that of an innovative and inspiring adviser that has been extending great support to client enterprises on a host of subjects. His specialities are in the funding fields and he has been very successful in the trade.

Consultancy Areas Covered by AG Ganguly

Consultancy areas covered by AG Ganguly include technologies, life science, and biotechnology among others. He has worked with some of the top-ranked private equity funds, venture capital funds, as well as sovereign wealth funds. He also regularly shares his experiences and knowledge bases with clients and others over web posts and articles. One of the recent posts by the seasoned consultant is captioned “How do I properly reach out to investors especially in the Gulf region (knowing that it is an Egyptian-based startup)?”

Founder at ABG Associates 

Operating area of AG Ganguly is mainly the Gulf region where he has also set up the associate firm named ABG Associates. Today it is one of the leading consultancy firms in the Gulf region. He advises clients to find out someone that has extensive and widespread contacts. The reason is that according to him the Gulf is all about relationships. Most of the venture funding in the area originate at either Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Choose the Appropriate Investor- says, AG Ganguly,

One of the greatest challenges faced by the entrepreneurs is finding the right investor. It does not help to get over-excited by the names and fame of the super investors. Big name does not always bring up big results. On the other hand, the association with smaller investors that do not interfere into the day to day operations of the enterprise could be a more profitable proposition. In brief, it is the usefulness for the client enterprise and not the hypes of names that counts in the ultimate, says AG Ganguly.

A Consultant with a Difference- AG Ganguly

While there are numerous consultants for the investors, AG Ganguly is a consultant with a difference. Advises extended by him are result oriented and practical to the core. Clients are always getting better results following his guidelines prepared for them. The reason is that not only the eminent consultant makes an in-depth study of the case referred to him but also has extensive knowledge over a host of subjects that help him in extending high-quality consultancy services to the client. While extending consultancy services he also consistently communicates with the client giving due weight to the views extended or the problems raised by them.  

As a seasoned consultant AG Ganguly knows exactly how important it is for the client to find the right investor for his or her projects and his entire efforts are directed in providing the client with the best guidance and assistance in choosing the right investor. His long and vast experience in the field enables him to come up with full proof plans for execution by the client. That is why he is the first choice of many looking for a consultant in the Gulf region.


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