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Your handy guide to choosing the right off-road

Posted by poojalate59 on January 31st, 2019

While off road tires has been one of the best inventions for people who really like adventurous travel, not everyone is equipped with the knowledge of installing these tires. They are even unaware of whether these tires will actually suit their needs or not. This of course makes it difficult for one to choose the best off road tires, and in turn makes the final product inefficient. However, you are able to learn how to install the hard rubber tires for heavy vehicles thanks to these four steps.

Firstly, know the terrain…

People do not realize that there is a world of difference between sandy deserts, wild forests, and mountainous terrains. Every vehicle should have a different kind of off road tire, especially based on the variety of terrain that they would encounter. The first rule therefore is more about what the person who would be driving the car – his needs. This has nothing to do with the tires per se.

Therefore it is advisable to take a few minutes out to deeply consider what the person driving the car expects his/her vehicle to do. This can be done either by oneself or with a customer. Doing this simple exercise helps you zero in on the best off road tire to choose. For once the terrain has been determined, the one the vehicle will be driven on, one can move on to the next step.

Next, one needs to determine the tire size…

One would learn in a diesel mechanic training that bigger is always better when it comes to any kind of off road tire travel. Not only is this because of how the large tires could make a vehicle look more dominant, but also because the real ambition of the larger tires is to be able to lift the vehicle higher off the ground. This in turn helps the bottom of the car avoid damage from rocks, branches, and literally anything else car could be driving over. These bonuses are for major consideration for off-road trips – therefore, remember to take a good look at the basic tire size of the chose vehicle.

There is a high chance that increasing the tire size by an inch or two or even more would not cause any damages as the vehicle permits. The size of the tires should not be reduced under any circumstances, especially when one is going off road.

After that, determine the tread

Once the destination and the size of the tires have been determined, one needs to start looking at the treads for the vehicle.

All season and all terrain tires are not the same. The former is not a good choice for off road driving and is a strict no-no when it comes to being a tire for a tough job. If the vehicle is going over a mild terrain, this proves to be a good choice of tires. These are after all the tires the vehicles usually come with. They also prove to be more fuel-efficient than other forms of tires as well.

The latter, that is, the all-terrain tires are the mid-range selection for going off-road. They provide an excellent balance of performance and grip. While they are not outstanding in any area, they work well across the board. These off road tires are a very respectable choice to be used in moderately rough terrain.

Extreme terrain tires are the ones that one would need to stock up on the power. The largest and thickest tires are these, which have been designed specifically for going over some of the roughest terrains. They are the best possible choice for tires for tractors and the like.

Finally, check the rest of the vehicle

When done with the three steps to choose the best off road tire for their needs, one should consider checking the rest of the vehicle. This should be done especially when one has installed extreme terrain tires, as this can rattle around and break some of the weaker parts of the vehicle. The tires are only a part of a much larger system. One needs to be sure their choice for off road tires can be handled by the vehicle they have chosen. 

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