Boating Tips: Unwritten Boat Ramp Etiquette Rules

Posted by Bhaumik on January 31st, 2019

If you were a betting person, probably you would bet a bag of worms that you have uttered unpleasant words under your breath at a nearby boat ramp. It appears that these accesses are where the so-called common sense goes to die. This sounds funny, but those chuckles can be a frustration particularly when you are rushing to catch an amazing morning top-water bite and find a line of slow-moving boat trailers and trucks in front of you.

Experts will advise you to select the correct boat ramp winch for a satisfying boating experience. However, unless you learn the rules of boat ramp etiquette, you will end up making countless mistakes and probably ruin your bating experience.

1. If you are not ready, move to the side

There are numerous things you should check and re-check prior to your boat launch. Waiting until you are middle or an extremely long line at a boat isn’t the time to start checking whether or not you have everything you need.

Once you pull into the designated parking lot, move to the side to pave the way for the other boaters to go ahead and dump their boats. Before clogging up the line, take the time to put your plug in, take the tie down straps off, take the motor to the left, and do everything else correctly.

This will allow smooth traffic flow, and you will be sure that you are doing everything right because no one is rushing you. Unless your boat is ready for launch, move to the side, sip your coffee as you make the necessary preparations, and your fellow boaters will thank you.

2. Turn off those headlights

Have you attempted to back your boat trailer with someone’s bright headlights on your mirrors? It’s one of the most disgusting and nearly impossible tasks. Once your truck goes into reverse, please turn off your headlights to make it easier for other individuals backing their trailers in adjacent lanes to see.

3. You can catch up once your truck is parked

Probably you fish tournaments most of the time, and that means your truck often sits on the ramp for a couple of minutes. Keep in mind this isn’t the right time for you to hang around and talk about fishing with your colleagues – your truck is slowing the traffic or even taking up the entire line.

Well, boating or fishing is about camaraderie and fellowship. There is nothing wrong with having a chit-chat with your buddies. First get your rig out of their way, and you have all the time to talk about everything.

Other important rules include;

  • Don’t hog the ramp. Consider dumping your boat on the farthest side of the ramp to allow other people to launch next to you.
  • Put on your navigation lights once your boat touches the water to let other boater see you and minimize the risk of collisions
  • Request to tie to other boats if you need to do so

Lastly, if you realize that the parking lot is busy, always give everyone some space.

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