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Top 5 advantages of using lead retrieval app at you next event

Posted by Eventdex on January 31st, 2019

Customer relations are at the heart of any business. Keeping clients happy by making them feel valued is an important aspect of client management. For creating new customers, you need to show the value of your business to them. To help organizations with this and a lot more, business events are absolutely critical.

Business events provide a great opportunity to generate awareness of the company’s product and services. These events strengthen relations with existing customers and pull in visitors. That is not all, they convert visitors into clients and even advocates of your products or services. No wonder, a third of marketing budget of most of the organizations is allocated for meetings and events. But conducting events is not enough. Following up on leads and keeping tracking of their movement in the sales funnel is equally important. Unfortunately, more than often, leads generated at events are soon forgotten due to various reasons such as misplacing business cards.

For a more effective follow-up, event organizers have gradually started realizing the importance of lead retrieval apps. More than simply a luxury, lead retrieval apps have become an event essential. Today it is not a matter of if you want a lead retrieval system at your events, it is which one to have and why. The importance of technology lies in the fact that it can easily connect businesses to customers – helping organizations in bridging the distance between the needs of the customer and its services or products. Let us closely look at the five crucial benefits of having a lead retrieval technology at your events.

Convenient and easy to use— with so much to do in so little time, event organizers need a tool that gathers crucial data like attendee Information without causing inconvenience to guests or themselves. With lead retrieval apps, organizers can provide superior event experience by eliminating manual processes like filling up long forms and swapping cards. Lead retrieval apps are a great way to share information related to events with attendees. With it, Information sharing and gathering becomes, effortless, almost instantaneous, quantifiable and most importantly, accurate. Using technologies such as QR codes, scanner, and RFID, exhibitors can quickly gather all relevant information that can be used later to provide a bespoke post-event experience.

Create lasting Connections— events are not just about meeting people and exchanging business cards, following up with people you meet is equally important. Lead retrieval apps provide the key to collect the right set of information and help generate and gather valuable leads. With all the right information, it is easier to move the lead down the sales funnel. You can also let your sales team have personalized and relevant follow-ups once the event is over.

If you feel that the follow-ups need to be almost instantaneously, then lead retrieval apps also allow you to access data in real-time, as the event unfolds. It goes without saying that this technology is beneficial for both planners and attendees as it connects the needs of the attendees with the solution provided by a business.

Data Capturelead retrieval apps takes the task of collecting event information off your shoulder. But that is not all. It helps you uncover key insights into corporate branding and direction. While it may look like a basic information aggregator on the surface, there are other deeper objectives of lead retrieval apps. The information collected can provide insights into almost any aspect of the event; the benefit of it is dependent on how you use that data!

Look professional—the old saying “you don’t get a second chance to create a first impression” is very true for event organizers. By using a lead retrieval app, you can not only look professional but help differentiate your business from others. It allows you to create a memorable first impression with its speed and ability to capture correct information. With such astute information, you can impress your attendees with your attention to personal details. 

As it becomes vital to creating a brand image, a lead retrieval app allows you to quickly exchange information, personalize follow-ups and have accurate data.

Drive Results—when you use a lead retrieval app, you are bound to experience all the above benefits for your event. This will eventually drive results and set your event up for success. With effective follow-ups, correct data and lasting relationship, you will help your business grow. It will also help solve your attendees’ problem and turn them into brand advocates.

Over to you now. Use lead retrieval apps now to unleash your true business potential.

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