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Electrical and Automotive Industry to Steer a Positive Growth for Polycarbonate

Posted by Deevika on January 31st, 2019

Polycarbonate industry has witnessed a significant growth in the recent years which can be accredited to the surging needs of construction industry, since polycarbonates are most fitted for construction and building applications. Demand for polycarbonates, which possess intrinsic properties like lightweight, durability, resistant to high temperature, and excellent transparency, have been on a hike with the rising needs of the electrical industry. These insights have been derived from the report titled, “Polycarbonate Industry Outlook in the US to 2022 - Market Size, Company Share, Price Trends, Capacity Forecasts of All Active and Planned Plants” that is recently incorporated in the repository of Market Research Hub (MRH). Attributed for its high light transmission, dimensional solidness, and strength, polycarbonates find an expanding demand from the automotive industry. Owing to its excellent impart strength, transparency, and lightweight, polycarbonates are replacing the traditional glass, which in turn, results in its easy transportation and installation. These factors are expected to create a spur in the growth of the polycarbonate industry.

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Polycarbonate Industry Outlook: Crux of the Report

The report comprises of a brief outlook on the polycarbonate industry in US through 2022. The study consists of valuable insights on the market size, price trends, company share, and capacity forecast of the active as well as planned plants of the U.S. A brief discussion about the polycarbonate plants along with their capacities by technology and process has been included in the study. The report also provides historical trends, demand and supply forecast, demand for end-use, trade balance analysis, price trends, along with the shares of major polycarbonate producers of U.S. An in-depth information on all the active polycarbonate projects present in U.S. has been added in this report. The analysis also consists of planned polycarbonate schemes across U.S. A capacity forecast has been included in this report with brief information on process, operator, equity, and technology. The study comprises of the latest developments that have taken place in the polycarbonate industry. The scope of the report also highlights the micro and macro-economic trends that have an influence on the polycarbonate industry in U.S. In addition to a comprehensive market outlook embracing all the valuable information about the key trends in the Polycarbonate industry in U.S., market-entry and expansion strategies have been incorporated in this report. The report comprises of trade balance sheet from the period of 2008 - 2022. The export and import data & net import and export data have been included in terms of demand percentage in the report.

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Competitive Landscape for the Polycarbonate Industry

A comprehensive data on the market positioning of the polycarbonate producers, namely, Bager AG and Saudi Basic Industries Corp, have been included in the report. This will help the stakeholders of the polycarbonate industry to recognize the opportunities in the industry. The market position of the prominent polycarbonate producers has been elaborated in the report. The competitive landscape elucidated in this report will help the new entrants of the polycarbonate industry to understand the standards of the major polycarbonate producing companies and devise strategies and operations to have a competitive edge.


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