Plane Tour To Bhutan For Watching Birds At Their Natural Habitat

Posted by Ten Dorji on February 1st, 2019

Bhutan is a small land locked country situated at the lap of mighty Himalayas.Bhutan, all earthly beauties resides and loveliness arises. Bhutan boasts for its pristine nature and wonders. A place adorned with greenness and freshness. Bhutan is habitat for mammals,birds, and different species of plants, flowers, and medicinal herbs which is why Bhutan is often called as Menjong Yul meaning “The Land of Medicinal plant.”

Nature wears a color of spirits and has a divine connection withhuman. Nature has a lot of things to offer and a new things happening each day. When we are sick of harsh reality of life, nature is our only solution to all problems and troubles. This is the main reason for which, places nurtured with natural beauty, remains the most likely place to visit. Needless to mention, Bhutan is one of such, and it is famous for its natural habitat of birds.

Which kind of birds to watch in Bhutan?

• Accentor

• Indian Blue Robins

• Bullfinches

• White Grosbeak

• Himalayan Pigeon

• Barwings

• Black - Necked Cranes

So Bhutan is the most loving land for nature lovers and explorers. However, birds have been people’s all-time favourite and a source of uplift creativities and psychologically trigger in to a deeper mind state. Poets and writers often draws their inspirations from birds in their writings as a world beyond mortality. It is such a pleasure to eyes to watch lively birds all the times. Bhutan is a heavenly paradise for birds. Their undisturbed nature and peaceful environment draws different birds from around the world. 770 species of birds are recorded till and yet more to discover. Although some of the birds are very rare and seasonal migrants, still can be visible almost everywhere in Bhutan, in the dense forest, valleys, Gorges, high mountains, plain, human settlement.

Bird lovers prefer to watch these beautiful species at their natural habitat. Though there are several zoos available where these birds can be the same excitement can’t be gained. Several tour operators are available who will fulfill this passion. They do know the suitable place where a bird loverscanwatch his anticipated birds. According to a data, almost sixty-six percent of land in Bhutan is under forest covered and is a must by law and top priority for the Government and citizen of Bhutan to preserve. This protected land is the right place where you can watch the birds at their natural habitat.

Winter is a very tough season for birds. Their tiny feathers can’t certainly make them secure from the bone-chilling cold. The mountain tops remains covered with snow. Therefore, they come down to the lower altitude regions. This is the good chance to spot birds closely.

There are many tour and travel companies who arrange and organizes similar bird watching tour.There are a number of places where you can watch these birds. With the assistance of guides, you can easily spot them at their habitat. Make sure that, you have a telescope and proper lens in your camera. This is important because you shouldn’t certainly miss the chance to take a few snaps. Therefore, get ready to have a wonderful experience at the paradise of birds.

It is true that you have some options to choose your next vacation destination. One thing is to keep in mind that experience you will gain from Bhutan bird watching tour merely is unmatchable and rare. It is genuinely refreshing to watch birds at their natural habitat. It gives inspiration and adds more color to life. To choose the right organization that will fulfill your dream, surf internet.

Author David has spent some years at Himalayan jungles researching on its animals and birds. He is one of the known voices who always creates awareness to stop exploiting nature. And is an author for several books based on Himalayan biodiversity. He has excellently narrated about Bhutan bird watching tour in this article.

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