Main Benefits of Using Titanium or Zirconium Dental Implants in Mississauga

Posted by Pursuit Of Healthy Living on February 1st, 2019

A missing tooth may negatively impact an individual’s appearance and this may lead to the loss of confidence or loss of vital opportunities. A missing tooth does not just ruin your appearance; it may become an impediment in your journey to success. The advancement in dental implantology can restore your appearance with durable implants made of titanium/zirconium. The dental implants hold ceramic crowns that look like and work like natural teeth. In yesteryears, it was impossible to fill a gap that happened due to the dislodgement of a tooth without removing a few adjacent healthy teeth. The dental implants of Mississauga make it possible for a dentist to fill the gap that happens due to the missing tooth without removing the healthy teeth.

The dental implants are metal posts. An implant does not just improve an individual’s appearance. It delivers a variety of benefits in comparison to the traditional dentures. The implants are made of biocompatible materials and these posts seamlessly fuse with the jaw bone. Hence, the users hardly experience any complications after the placement of dental implants by Mississauga dentists. The titanium and zirconium can both resist corrosion, and so dentists in Mississauga use them for the dental implants. These materials are known for excellent durability, and so the dental implants by Mississauga dentists can be a permanent solution instead of a temporary relief that is available through the removable dentures.

Perfection in Speech

A missing tooth does not just ruin your appearance. It may have a negative impact on your speech. A misfit denture may even leave a negative impact on your pronunciation. You may mumble or mispronounce the words due to this particular complication. The dental implants seamlessly fuse with the jawbone. Hence, you may not notice mumbling or slurring of the words.

Improved Mastication & Digestion

A specialist dentist in Mississauga is trained to surgically place the implants. This type of placement prevents the dislodgement of implants and gives you the strength to chew the food particles without any difficulty. The removable dentures may not give you this strength. These pieces are loosely present over the jawbone. Hence, you may not put the pressure that is essential to break the food particles. However, it may feel like using natural teeth when you use the implants to chew the food particles and this feature also improves your digestion.

Improved Bone Quality

The dental implants do not just improve your appearance or speech and enable you to naturally masticate the food particles. These implants can prevent the loss of bone inside the mandible and maxilla. The lack of stimulation may lead to the loss of jaw-bone at the empty space. The bone may lose 25% of its original volume within the first year of losing a tooth in the absence of an implant. This loss may continue over the years and a dental implant may prevent this loss. An implant functions like the root of a tooth and prevents the loss of bone from the inside. It also gives stability to the adjacent teeth and prevents the shifting of these teeth.

If you need any further information regarding Mississauga dental implants, it is easy to find one online and book a consultation with a specialized dentist in Mississauga.

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