Free Slot Games impact on UK Casino Industry

Posted by 123spins on February 1st, 2019

For decades, the United Kingdom has been turning into a hotbed at a rapid rate. The stigma that revolves around the casino world, making it getting shoved into the dark back alleys are long gone and now it is shining with its green glow out in the open. Moreover, the UK casino industry is receiving a lot more recognition with the arrival of the free slot games in the online casinos. The digitalization of the casinos has already worked like a magic in bringing these games under the spotlight, and now with the association of the offers of free spins, one cannot resist these amazing slot games.

Moreover, the online casinos are also not the only one who are enjoying these sudden acceptations. The inspiration of the online casinos, that is, the land-based casinos are also enjoying a sudden hike in its customers.

If we walk down the pages of history, we will see that back in the days, casinos were saved mostly for the royals or the ruling classes, but now that status has been demolished and these hubs have been turned into a pure entertainment venue. Now the strict rules and regulations have been removed too with the arrival of the new age. Anyone can walk into a casino now and gamble. Moreover, with the advent of technology, one can access the free slot games right in their smart gadgets. Thus, availing the slot games has never been this easier.

Factors influencing the Growth of UK Casino Industry

Number of Visitors

The attendance in UK casinos has expanded to a great extent since the late 2000s, as the casinos are enjoying a hike of more than 3.7 million visitors in just four years. Based on the survey conducted by the UK Gambling Commission, the proportion of gamblers visiting live casinos have increased from 84% (2013) to 98% (2015).

Casino Revenues are Up!

With the swarming in of the extra visitors in these four years, the revenues generated by the UK casinos have also witnessed a major hike.

Emerging of New Online Casinos

The land-based casinos have come a long way by dissolving its rules and regulations and making more allowances; and so did its online sisters. The online casino market has seen a major rise in the inflow of online gamblers. According to a survey, 9.7% of the general population were gambling online in 2008, but this rapidly turned into being 15.9% in 2014 and we expect the number to reach 22% in 2019.

Allowance of Advertisements

According to statistics regarding the increase of casino gaming also depended a great deal on the advertisements of the slot games and casino hubs on television and other media networks.

Moreover, the free slot games developed by the leading game developing companies also contribute a great deal into the ever-expanding popularity of the online casinos. Digitalization of the traditional brick and mortar based casinos has already made it much easier to get hold of the amazing slot games and try our luck on them. The emergence of the online casinos in this past decade is also responsible for the successful impact on the United Kingdom casino industry.

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