Magic uses of herbal smoking blends

Posted by John Smith on February 2nd, 2019

There is no self-respecting ritual that does not include the sacred and evocative smoke of herbal incense. It can serve as an offering, as a purifying element or as a vehicle for the elevation of consciousness and communication with the forces of the universe.
Herbal smoking blends are a common element in the rituals of invocation of spirits, in love spells or to favor clairvoyance in divination and prediction ceremonies. We tell you how to use the different herbal incense and how to make your own.
In the magical work incense and perfumes are usually made incense, choosing and combining the incenses according to the days of the week and the planetary correspondences.
In addition, in the places where one is usually or in those that are destined for meditation, incense is also burned to favor different states and eliminate the possible negative influences that may have been concentrated.
Cleaning negative forms:
You can also perform self fumigations in order to clean the negative astral forms that surround a person. To do this, you have to burn the chosen Herbal incense wholesale by placing the censer under a chair, sitting on it covered with a sheet and staying that way for 10 or 15 minutes. In the case of housing, it is recommended to fumigate with incense when entering to live in a house that has already been inhabited.
Attract success:
To attract success in business a simple combination is benzoin and cinnamon, while to attract love would be mixed rose petals, patchouli, cinnamon, and red sandalwood.
The most common cleaning and protection incenses:
The herbal incense express is for cleaning and protection can be simple, that is, with a single element, or mixed. Many of them are ground spices and properly burned in censers, while others are gums and resins that are obtained in specialized stores.
Some of the most used to purify both spaces and people are the following:
Frankincense: Suitable for cleaning and spiritual growth.

Benzoin: Helps eliminate blockages in spiritual growth.

English pepper: It serves to harmonize with others and avoid problems in marriage or at work. It is ideal to animate meetings and parties, relaxing people and favoring eloquence.

Clove: It moves away from the negative forms of thought and protects the malicious thoughts of others and their own, installed in the subconscious.

Coffee: Acts against negative entities. It is also useful to end nightmares and to recover from an illness.

Cinnamon: It serves to protect from malicious people. It attracts money to the house where it is burned and can be used to request an opportunity in business. It also acts as a tranquilizer, although it stimulates the mind.

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