Posted by zuu123 on February 2nd, 2019


Have you ever cooked with turmeric? In India, they have been using it for decades. As a spice, as a colorant and also as a medicine. They have understood for a long time that turmeric was very good for health. 

Often compared to ginger, turmeric comes from a thinner root and orange-yellow color. It is often eaten powdered and easily spotted in curry spices given its characteristic yellow color. This natural dye will do just fine to give a nice color to your best dishes. There are 3 different yellow pigments (curcuminoids) in this root and it is from these pigments that turmeric removes its medicinal properties. 
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Below, the 3 reasons why turmeric must absolutely be in your cupboards.

1) Turmeric as painkiller and anti-inflammatory

Evil somewhere? You probably have the reflex to take a Dafalgan. However, it is better to avoid taking regular painkillers and anti-inflammatories. But fortunately, there are alternatives. Many spices and condiments fight inflammation. Without any danger and without side effects. This is the case of turmeric. Not only does it have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect but it is also an "anti-cancer". 

2) Turmeric as an antidepressant

The different yellow pigments in the turmeric root have a stimulating effect on your mental well-being. Regular use of turmeric as a supplement would even decrease your negative psychic symptoms. The benefits of a natural ingredient like this lie in its safe use, its effective virtues and the absence of negative side effects. So do not worry, be happy! 

3) Purify your body and make you lose weight

Turmeric can also be used as a natural purifier. It helps to decrease harmful liver enzymes. This yellow powder would also be a great help in your fight against the pounds. This prevents the formation of new fat cells and therefore you will store less fat. Note that even if all means are good to feel better in his skin, do not abuse because turmeric fluidifies the blood. 

Recipes made from turmeric

If you want to discover the positive effects of turmeric, know that its yellow pigments are not well assimilated by our body. Fortunately, it was discovered that mixed with black pepper, assimilation was 20 times better. Mix your turmeric powder with black pepper, and you will enjoy its curative effects. You can also mix it with coconut oil. Since turmeric is fat soluble, your body will absorb it all the better.