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Posted by Pursuit Of Healthy Living on February 3rd, 2019

Sleep Apnea may lead to a variety of health problems, such as fatigue, excessive sleepiness or cardiac problems, and a number of factors may be responsible for this condition. The muscles in the back of your throat support various oral structures such as soft palate, tongue, uvula, and tonsils. If this muscle relaxes excessively, then it narrows your airway and prevents the oxygen-rich air from smoothly getting inside your body for 20-30 seconds. It reduces the level of oxygen and increases the level of CO2 in your blood. Your brain may wake you up from the sleep for a few seconds after sensing this imbalance. You may notice brief moments of waking up throughout the night and this may happen more than 30 times within an hour. Your brain cannot have sufficient rest, as it is unable to reach a restful state of sleep.

The individuals suffering from sleep apnea may experience arrhythmia or may have an increased risk of heart attack. You may have an increased risk of diabetes or high blood pressure due to an event of sleep apnea. The CPAP machines are commonly used in the treatment of OSA; however, the higher air-pressure may obstruct the sleep when using this machine.

This problem is usually taken care of with the help of CPAP devices, but you can also use oral devices for sleep apnea by a clinic in Mississauga of dental services. A certified dentist in Mississauga who is specialized in dental sleep medicine may help you to resolve the complications associated with OSA using different types of oral treatments, such as a tongue-retaining device or a mandibular-repositioning device. These devices may prevent the excessive relaxation of the muscle that is present at the back of your throat.

The dental sleep medicine is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the application of oral appliances for the treatment of disturbed breathing that may lead to snoring and OSA. Every sleep apnea mouth-guard is designed with personalized measurements. These devices work as splints and keep the users’ airway open during the sleep.

You may need to visit a Mississauga dental office before receiving a mouth-guard to treat the symptoms of sleep apnea.

  • The dentists take the measurements of the inside of your mouth after a thorough examination.
  • A mold is used to manufacture a customized device that is fitted to your mouth and jaw.
  • These oral devices slightly shift the lower jaws in the forward direction which creates an additional opening at the back of your throat. This additional space prevents the soft tissues at the back of your throat from narrowing the airway responsible for snoring.

There are multiple benefits of using oral appliances over the CPAP machines in order to control the episodes of sleep apnea. These appliances require no special adjustments. You may simply put this device into your mouth, as it demands no adjustment of the air pressure. This user-friendly feature motivates you to use this type of mouth-guard and keeps the symptoms of sleep apnea under control.

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