Case, Shell, Cover: What Protection For Your Mobile?

Posted by basshopper on February 3rd, 2019

A wrong move and that's the fall. Your mobile is valuable, but it is also fragile: it is necessary to protect it. A simple slide from the top of a bed can be fatal! Smart phones generally have a very large screen and touch: in case of a fall, it is the most easily damaged part. Its destruction often makes the laptop unusable. The shock can also cause irreversible damage to the circuits inside the phone. So no hesitation: opt for good protection!

Damaged keys or knobs and unhooked or damaged internal components are equally disabling. They can render all or part of your phone's functions inoperative. The use of a protection is recommended to avoid most damage.

It will dampen the fall and absorb shocks. But there is also dust: it is deposited and seeps into the ports of your phone. It can make contact with the charger impossible or seep into the camera and tarnish your shots. Dirt also block more or less long term different keys and wheels. In this regard, liquids are also catastrophic. A contact with a soda sticks the elements between them and can also destroy a phone.

Also pay attention to the sand at the weekend or on holiday at the seaside: they scratch the screen and foul the various ports. Hull, cover or case, in protection against shocks and dust, each has its methods to prevent the dangers of everyday life:


The absolute weapon against shocks is the hull. It is made of plastic (polyurethane, polypropylene), usually rigid or rubber. The constant of these materials: a very strong power of shock absorption. The shell covers the back surface of your phone by enclosing the side walls.

But then, what about the front and the precious screen not covered? Rest assured, everything is studied: the shell covers the side faces and the corners on the front surface. Some models, which are thicker, can also avoid direct contact between the screen and the floor in the event of a fall.

The cover

In fabric, plastic or leather, the cover is a simple envelope that will completely cover your phone. A side opening allows you to take out your smart phone.

It's a good way to protect your phone from dust and scratches when you're not using it. Out of its cover, you will use your cell completely naked, with the advantages that this represents: direct access to the screen and all orders.

The case

The case is probably the most elaborate accessory in terms of protection. It will cover all of your phone, but still allows easy use. Access is usually provided for the volume and standby buttons. A flap comes to protect the front face including the screen of the device.

Cell phone wallet

Note that some cases and some cases come to replace the back cover of the phone, for better grip and a respect of the original thickness of the phone.

What design for your phone?

Adapt your phone to your lifestyle! Hulls, covers and cases can change the appearance of your phone more or less significantly. It's up to you to want to keep the original lines and style of your notebook, or to customize it. The fineness of the coating of the accessory will be closer to the original design of the device, but it may be at the expense of protection. Depending on your style and your daily life (personal or professional phone), you can give a discreet, elegant, fun or even whimsical to your phone. You will be spoiled for choice thanks to the different materials, textures, colours and patterns on offer!

Moulded plastic, mainly covers the back of your phone while covering the edges and corners. You can opt for a color that blends with your phone, making the shell almost invisible, or on the contrary, slicing frankly, including a bright colour and patterns. It's up to you to decide if you want a discreet protection, or an accessory that will play both the role of protection and decoration. The hulls offer the largest choice of patterns and are available in hundreds of themes.

The cover

The choice is as wide in terms of design and colours. For a nice and practical design, opt for a flashy color: your phone will be more easily identifiable in your purse or your sports bag.

The case

The case allows a large number of sober and elegant designs. The materials, at first, can set the tone: plastic to be modern, leather with authentic stitching, faux or genuine, to be elegant and distinguished.

For a professional phone, it is better to choose sobriety with plain colors and dark or colored, but classic. For a personal phone, dare the colors and patterns that will match your style.

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