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Posted by sohail khatri on February 3rd, 2019

On Valentine's Day 2015 my friend Kirstin and I met George out the stomach of the Hilton Hotel in downtown Nairobi. It wasn't some kinky Valentines arrangement, but rather a enormously informative and entertaining walking tour of Nairobi's CBD high risk merchant account.

From the Hilton, we walked to Kimathi Street where a statue of the court encounter hero General Kimathi stands. When this statue was mammal erected, there was significant controversy approximately whether Kimathi was worthy of a statue or not. After one year of deliberation he got his place. Kimathi was a leader of the Mau Mau revolution which has been viewed by some Kenyans as the immense mayhem that gave Kenya its independence and by another Kenyans as a charity of rogues who caused needless badly environment pain even though more formal efforts were going on.

Next we headed taking place to Kenyatta Avenue where the impressive Sarova Stanley Hotel dominates. Inside the hotel is the Thorn Tree Cafe where an acacia tree used to stand. The acacia tree held a message board where colonial settlers left messages for one another. Nowadays, you may have heard of Lonely Planet's online travel forum dubbed "Thorn Tree" - that's where the state comes from!

Also at this intersection, a statue of Lord Delamere used to stand. It marked the estrangement of Nairobi - to the west of Delamere was the side of the city for the white colonialists and to the east was the rushed and tumble of Indian merchants and Kenyan vendors. Still today you can see the difference together amid the east and west sides of the city.

Along Kenyatta Avenue, we stopped to admire Cameo. Not because it's a popular night spot, but because it is the oldest building in Nairobi at on peak of 100 years old. Ironically Nairobi's newest accretion is located inside - Subway, the sandwich chain has made a foray into the Kenyan impression. Next right to use is the Bank of India which has had quite a chronicles. It has been the Parliament House, previously the current Parliament was built, and with the National Archives to the fore those too were relocated to their current home upon Moi Avenue.

Turning off Kenyatta onto Wabera Street we found the McMillan National Library. It's not hard to locate all if it's quarters is Wabera Street, as the street is single-handedly 100 metres long! Next to the library is Jamia Mosque and continuing nearby the mosque to the decline we arrived at Chai House and the City Market. The way of visceral sells everything from meat and fish to vegetables and souvenirs. Despite all the shops even though, the confirm was blank of customers. Outside however, the rose sellers were take upheaval a thriving Valentines trade!

Our last halt was the Kenya International Conference Centre (KICC), the tallest building in Nairobi at 28 floors. The second floor from the extremity was a revolving restaurant, but the large empty heavens was today a place for minor couples to hang out. On the roof is a helicopter landing pad and for a enlarge you can mosey vis--vis for 360 degree views of Nairobi.

On weekends there is an court disagreement out into way of mammal facilitate that George offered to taking office us to for some souvenir shopping. But it had started to rain and Kirstin and I figured this wouldn't be our one and deserted unintentional to benefit souvenirs, for that gloss we skipped it and went to a cafe otherwise. Over a cup of tea we learnt more more or less George who had been taken in by Mathare Children's Fund (MCF) following he was a child and usual preserve from the community organisation to conclusive scholastic. MCF moreover provided him once the training to become a city tour guide, facilitated by the National Museums of Kenya. George is as well as attending academic circles, studying economics, and the guiding allows him to earn some child support to apportion foster to him through university.

MCF have trained several youngster people to be guides upon city walking tours. Even though I have lived in Kenya for different than four years, there was a lot we saying upon the tour that I had never noticed before now (even if I had walked tallying it a dozen era!). And things I had noticed, I hadn't known very about. The tour lasts two hours (not including the cup of tea at the cease!) and costs 1000 Kenyan shillings (regarding US) per person lead 400KES to add the zenith of KICC.

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