Key Things to Consider Before Choosing Vinyl Siding in Vancouver

Posted by AZ Siding Inc. on February 3rd, 2019

Smart homeowners work proactively before choosing external siding for their home. With so many brands and types of vinyl siding available in the market, it always seems tempting to go for a particular brand due to heavy push. One most important thing to keep in mind is that maintenance remains a major part of siding as there is no siding that works without maintenance.

Contrary to pine board or cedar, this durable siding option will not rot or flake. Vinyl comes in various dozen colors and can imitate architectural particulars that were once created from wood. It's no surprise that vinyl has become the most popular siding material in the United States and is rapidly gaining thrust across the world.

Vinyl Siding Vancouver – Considerations

  •  Similar to any plastic product, a high-quality vinyl siding can be eternal to the point of imperishable.  Durability, however, does not refer that it cannot be injured.
  •  Vinyl siding must be periodically washed and examined. Its low-maintenance nature often strains homeowner complacency, causing neglect.
  •  No exterior siding product is the best answer to home energy conservation.
  •  Vinyl siding is available in many colors and also can be painted.
  •  Like vinyl windows, vinyl siding is suitable for historic preservation and can become a reason for  irreversible damage to brick and stone.
  •  Low cost vinyl siding can augment the value of a neglected or dilapidated home, but property values of  older homes may reduce. Vinyl siding encompasses the good and the bad of a home's exterior.
  •  Plastic is a dubious construction material due to its environmental and health concerns at all points in its  life cycle.

Another point to consider is choosing a leading siding contractor in the region. A good contractor would always ensure that you get the most out of your investment, time and efforts.


Advertisements sometimes suggest that vinyl siding is enduring. It is factual that vinyl will last a very long time—that's why it is so hard to dispose of it properly. In harsh weather, however, vinyl without chemical additives is found to be less durable than wood and brickwork. Titanium dioxide is often included in the chemical mixture to restrict UV rays, which worsened older vinyl siding renovation.

Liquid vinyl coatings, which are squirted on like paint, may show to be more durable than vinyl panels. However, liquid vinyl coatings are hard to apply perfectly.


Wood should be painted or stained—vinyl needs no paint, but majority of them can be painted. It is not precisely true to say that vinyl remains maintenance free, however. To upkeep its lively appearance, vinyl siding must be washed every year. Any wooden window sashes and trim will still need timely painting, and ladders leaning against the house can scuff or crack the vinyl siding.

Dissimilar to wood and masonry, vinyl siding exhibits its own type of maintenance doubts. Moisture gets stuck beneath the vinyl siding will promote rot, encourage mold and mildew, and welcome insect infestations. Left untreated, dampness in the walls can cause wallpaper and paint inside the walls to swelling and peel.

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