Best Tips for Cleaning Shotguns

Posted by Susan California on February 3rd, 2019


Malfunction of shotguns is a common issue. And it happens for frequent use of the guns and not cleaning them rightly. At times, we all are in a rush. As a direct consequence, we place the guns in Shotgun slips for cleaning in next times. But we do not get the ‘next times’ to clean the shotgun. A good number of risks are associated with the rusty shotguns, and even they can explode. Unless you are sure about the safety, it won’t be wise to fire the shotgun.

A couple of tips here will describe how easily you can clean your shotgun at home. Let’s start the journey.


First of all, you need to unload the shotgun. Unchain the Shotgun slips and unload the gun following the standard procedure. Never try to follow the ways that you see in movies. Those are stunts and performed by skilled people. But if you want to follow them with your skill, the result might be detrimental. And once the unloading ends, place the cartridges safely. Make sure all the shells are out of the gun barrel. 


In this stage, you have to disassemble the gun properly. The key purpose of disassembly is to check if everything inside is okay. When you will disassemble the shotgun, place the parts on the Shotgun slips. It will help to know if there are any broken parts inside or if something needs repair. Moreover, when you will disassemble the shotgun, the cleaning process will be easier. You can oil the parts and also can clean them.

The cleaning process

A wide number of the cleaning process for a shotgun cleaning is available. But you need to follow the one that suits your gun needs. The best way is to use a cloth and sprayer or solution to clean. Make sure the rusts are removed well. You can also place some grease on the disassemble parts. It helps to lubricate the components naturally. The Shotgun slips also help in this process by storing the parts.

Meet a professional

When the cleaning is complete, you have to reassemble the gun again. But the reassembling process is a bit complex. Unless you are an expert, you may seek support from the professional gunsmiths. They will show you how to reassemble a shotgun. Besides, you can know the best use of Shotgun slips from them. 

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