Can Essential Oils Help You Cure Depression?

Posted by Bhaumik on February 3rd, 2019

As long as our mental health and emotions are concerned, the sense of smell can have a big impact in controlling our moods and our entire outlook. Yes, it is true that essential oils actually play a big role in bringing back the scents to our daily lives. Depression is one among the most common issues that affect the mental health of people in their daily lives. If you too are someone who has been suffering from some sort of mental health disorder, there are several kinds of essential oils which can let you start the day with a positive note and also end it in a similar manner.

Although essential oils is not a comprehensive treatment by itself,it can certainly soothe your mind and help you rejuvenate your senses. While there is no alternative to professional help, trying new things like essential oils can help some people in treating their depression.

So, what are the few essential oils which can have a soothing impact on depression? Here are few that you may want to keep in mind and test out.

#1: YlangYlang

YlangYlang is an essential oil which might be heavy in texture but it is fruity and sweet at the same time. This essential oil helps in easing off symptoms of depression by relaxing your nerves and also lowering your blood pressure. Not only that this essential oil also regulates your breathing patterns and decreases the release of adrenaline.

#2: Lavender

As the name suggests, lavender oil is sweet and floral and it has also got a herbal scent as well. Lavender oil can reduce the depression symptoms and you can also use this in order to allow people to fall asleep. So, this is indeed effective for those who are suffering from insomnia as this could enhance the symptoms and let you sleep in peace. Lavender oil works to slow down your pulse rate and rather revitalize your body and improve your mood to cure depression symptoms.

#3: Rose Geranium

Rose Geranium comprises of geraniol and citronellol to enhance your mood and health and hence it is deemed to be one of the best essential oils for eliminating symptoms of depression. Rose Geranium has to be breathed in straight towards the lungs or can even be absorbed into the skin. It can also work with your nervous system, calm down the rate of your heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure and level of stress.

#4: Rose

Rose has faintly sweet smell to it and the rose oil works differently to reduce symptoms of depression as against the oils mentioned above. Rose essential oil improves your libido, reduces stress, stimulates circulation and also boosts your mood.

If you’ve been suffering from depression, while you should be receiving professional help, you should also try some of the above essential oils. A few extra dollars per month can go a long way in giving you a better life and more stable emotional wellbeing.

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