Spargers Market Value Chain and Forecast 2018-2028

Posted by vakhas on February 4th, 2019

Global Spargers Market Overview

Spargers are the equipment used in the process of gas injection into liquid phase. Spargers are used to create bubbles in very large number thus, infusing gas into a liquid phase. Spargers increases the gas-liquid contact area and thus, felicitates in dissolving the gas. Spargers are used both in chemical as well as physical applications. Spargers helps in dissolving gas into the liquid in the process of carbonation or aeration. Spargers can also be used in processes such as oxygen stripping, volatile organic compound stripping and water stripping to remove contaminants from the liquid phase.

Spargers are used in chemical processes such as oxidation, hydrogenation, ozonation and fermentation reactions to dissolve gases in the liquid phases for further reactions. Spargers vary widely in configuration, size, shape and material of construction. Spargers are chosen based on the design and operating conditions of the process. The configuration and type of the spargers depends upon the variety of factors such as nature of process whether batch or continuous, flow rate of gas, size of the tank, operating temperature and pressure, etc. Spargers finds its application in wide end-use verticals and hence, high demand for spargers can be witnessed in the forecast period.

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Global Spargers Market Dynamics

Spargers are used in a plethora of applications. Spargers finds its application from fish aquarium to the production of beer and soda.  Spargers are used in food and packaging to extend shelf life of food and beverages by injecting fine nitrogen bubbles into the food or beverage, reducing the overall content of oxygen leading to an extended shelf life. High demand for food and beverages such as yogurt, wine, carbonated drinks will increase in sales of spargers in the forecast period. Spargers are also deployed to control pH of process in hydrogenation, fermentation, steel refining and water treatment.

Ozone sparging performed with the help of spargers, kills bacteria in water eliminating the use of harmful disinfectants, such as chlorine. Spargers are widely used in bioreactors for regulating gases, which, in turn, controls the partial pressure of oxygen in order to sustain optimal cell-growth conditions. Owing to its wide applications, spargers are expected to be used widely in industrial applications, which is encouraging manufacturers to develop more suitable and technologically advanced and apt equipment. Despite the positive outlook for the growth of the global spargers market, there are certain factors which might impede the demand of spargers. Some of these factors include high maintenance of nozzles due to clogging. In steam power plant, spargers inject steam into one area of the tank, causing hot and cold spots, thus resulting in imprecise temperature control.

Global Spargers Market Segmentation

Global spargers market can be segmented on the basis of working, material type and product type and end-use application. On the basis of working, spargers market can be further segmented as inline spargers and static spargers. Static spargers are generally used in batch production or low quantity of liquid. On the basis of material, spargers can be further segmented as high alloyed steel, nickel-based alloys, bronze and others. High alloyed steels spargers are generally used in food application and has high resistance against sulphuric, phosphoric and hydrochloric acids.

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