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Why use encrypted messaging applications?

Posted by susanbling on February 4th, 2019

Today secure, encrypted messaging applications are most important than ever. Using SMS caters to hackers and third-party users enabling them to monitor the personal information. Quite the opposite, encrypted messaging applications like Signal protects hackers from intruding their personal conversations. It offers end-to-end encryption for the data shared through the app.

All you need to do is to download the application and register it with contact number and you are good to go.

Encrypted messaging applications are based on end-to-end encryption protecting the users’ communications from those prying eyes.  With an extremely simple and effective use, encrypted messaging application gives an assurance of secure communications. Here, in this article, let’s talk about the popular terminology of encrypted messaging applications with which user’s private data can be protected.

Talking of Signal, which is an encrypted messaging application, available for, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux and Windows enables to share end-to end encrypted communications. An independent end-to-end platform transporting user’s messages through its independent’s infrastructure. Based on OTR protocol, Signal is absolutely free of cost and is Open Source allowing any developer to verify the application’s code, to confirm that the app doesn’t allow any backdoor entry to third-party, which ensures its authenticity.

With rapid innovations in the field of technology, it has become quite easy for giant platforms like Facebook to amass private data of users. Whether it’s your income, your interests, things you buy, politics, and all other things to be gathered into a single space. Even there is a discrete industry, where all the collected data is easily accessible. In fact, a lot of different companies have started working on developing tools fetching data, or tracking user’s online activities, as there are firms always interested in buying such data from various sources to be compiled, later.  There are various other industries’ setting user’s data into individual products which is later traded with third-party advertisers.

While data security experts enlighten about the privacy paradox, the problem seem like rooted in the virtual online space, all the data privacy instincts are evolving in the physical space. Taking along privacy incursions and end-to end encryption in hand in this digital world — especially in private space where personal data is crucially important— encrypted messaging applications have changed the whole scenario.

As the internet is insubstantial, the privacy risks have turned out to be insubstantial too. Another thing to always keep in mind is that tech giants like Facebook always has the power to intrude your private data. With that being said, online platforms collect our private data, as it turning out to be really hard to overlook the looming threats of perhaps shattering data privacy attacks.

In a tech-savvy world like this, security of data communications is turning out to be of utmost concern, for a digital user.  Applications like Signal, provide an easy way for users to keep the group and one-to-one conversations private by applying end-to-end encryption for users’ data.  If you still haven’t downloaded any encrypted messaging application, it’s time to do it now!


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