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Posted by Victor Bajaj on February 4th, 2019

In the mobile app market freelance android app development is in full swing. In order to take advantage of the abundance of services, the crowd of online customers has increased from traditional websites to mobile and web applications. Research data show that the number of mobile apps worldwide has increased to 5 million, and this figure is increasing almost every day. Therefore, changes in business enterprises strategies have also changed. They focus more and set up a mobile app to combat the jackpot competition.

However, developing only a mobile app will not help to engage the customers because you have to remove something extraordinary from the box to get the desired results.

Making your mobile app customer-focused is a viable idea, but do not you think adding some amazing customized features will make the icing on the cake? Yes, technology is making progress and adding future elements will add another feather to the cap. When customized features are supported with future-based technologies, you are in the right position to provide best-in-class products and solutions with fast and seamless experiences. It also combines the right custom-made strategies for UI and UX designs.
Therefore, it is important to know why most business enterprises and corporate organizations are interested in developing their own custom mobile applications.

1. Apps help in making smart purchase decisions:
Mobile applications are helping users find products at the best budget-friendly price. This is one of the major reasons for the ruckus and sudden ups and downs in the e-commerce industry.

However, in the recent two to three years, M-Commerce has established its domination in the global market. According to a current report, approximately 1.6 billion people are using their mobile devices to shop online around the world. That's because the apps are offering a wide range of options and products that are in line with the needs of the customers individually.
By having a custom-built app, you are giving your customers the option to filter product options so that they do not have to go to another online store.

2. Establishment of brand and reputation:
Most business entrepreneurs look for practical opportunities to create brand awareness and, of course, custom-based mobile apps are the best platform that contributes incredibly in that direction.

Actually, the mobile app can be considered as a large canvas. This allows you to implement the right plan to display your innovative ideas and make it more functional, to make it more functional, user-focused, stylish and accurate. All apps have become Amazon or Uber brand because they have emerged with an extraordinary and unique concept that people have accepted with both hands. Another important factor is to increase customer participation in the app. This technique of marketing or advertising is known as an effective frequency.

3. Access all important data:
It becomes important for the business owner to easily access the most important data for various parameters such as ratings and reviews, productivity and efficiency of employees, total sales of revenue and production, data on stock and inventory etc. Provide insight into actual data analysis.

The collection of important data helps the business to understand the user behavior of each user and accordingly plan their strategy. Optimizing the app will help in sending personal messages and notifications in real time based on discounts and offers. Receive reviews and reactions in real time can help you analyze the level of customer satisfaction.

4. Promoting customer loyalty:
When you are planning to create a customized app, you are also increasing the customer's loyalty. Today we have found more media ads than traditional people. Undoubtedly, website banners, social media advertising and email marketing are those who have been added to the list.
However, it is important for your users to be loyal customers to your products and services. If you establish a true relationship with your target audience, then it will be.

5. Easily integrated with software:
Having a customized app gives you the benefit of integrating it with the software used by the company. It should be noted that custom-built apps are usually developed on a   mobile application development platform (MADP), making it easy for customer relationship management (CRM) to connect with MADP.
You must also remember the fact that you will not be able to run third-party applications with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) if it is not properly integrated with the software.

6. Optimal return-investment:
A major question that often crosses the mind of a business owner, will the mobile app offer it the necessary ROI, which he has targeted. The mobile app offers a spectrum of profit to any business enterprise and if you go for a customized app, then there is every opportunity to get the best profit provided you have strong business skills and box marketing plans.

7. Can become marketing channels:
Customized apps can prove to be a good marketing channel for business enterprises. This is because the company, its background, product and services, customer reviews and all information about ratings, features and functions, and much more are all displayed in one place. The customer just has to login to their account, select the product, pay through the available options and it will be delivered on the door correctly.
In addition to this, you can provide your customers with other valuable information like special discounts, coupons or cash prizes.

8. Improve employee efficiency and productivity:
The result of a survey states that custom-designed enterprise apps help in improving the efficiency of employees and result in increased productivity. They help to organize the whole work and it becomes easy to complete the goal.
Likewise, when employee productivity is increasing, the morale of the workers also increases. Another aspect that enhances productivity is that it supports the real-time chat feature while addressing customer concerns.

9. Cross the market competition:
If you are challenging the market in small or medium-level blocks, then there is every opportunity to gain upper hand on your competitors. A mobile app will definitely provide a brand new incentive and dimension for your business and this is where you'll throw a big surprise for everyone!

10. Get Customer Visibility 24 × 7:
In recent research, it has been proved that American adults spend around 3 and half hours on mobile devices. And with a wide range of different apps in your smartphone, you have the opportunity to get 24 × 7 customer visibility.

We know that mobile apps are really one of the great assets for any business venture to reach a target audience and when it is a new start you should hire a freelance mobile app developer. However, the fact that customized apps will move the business process and make it very easy to reach out to customers and their specified needs.

So, do not miss this opportunity. Stay in touch with our highly experienced app developers to get a fully customized mobile app to excel in business.

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