Storage Treasure Hunting Gold ? Some of the Best Finds

Posted by cynthiyawells on February 4th, 2019


Storage units are used for the purpose of stashing goods or items that you don’t have space for in your homes. However, sometimes people use these storage units for hiding things that they don’t want others to know about. Such storage units become gold mines for treasure hunters when they are abandoned as one can find items worth thousands of dollars hidden inside them. Abandonedstorage units are auctioned if the person owning them defaults on its payments. It then becomes fair game for anyone willing to take a gamble. The following are some of the best finds that people have had when bidding on storage units.

Millions in Cash

When buying a storage unit for just 0, you don’t expect to find 7.5 million dollars in cash hidden in a safe inside it. This is what happened to a man who purchased a storage unit from reality star Dan Dotson. The man later returned the money to the previous owners of the storage unit but still got 1.2 million dollars as a reward from them for returning the money.

Rare Coins and Gold Bars

Sometimes storage units can hide valuable items that are worth a fortune. For instance, a man in San Jose in the year 2011 was able to go home with rare coins and gold bars worth nearly 0,000. He had just paid ,100 for the storage unit. The storage unit in question belonged to an elderly woman who had recently passed away. It was then put up for auction and no one had ever expected that it would have such a treasure hidden inside it.

James Bonds Car

The chance of finding antiques in storage units whose value has increased in today’s world is the reason why most people bid on abandoned storage units. However, when a long island contractor bought an old storage unit in 1989 for just 0, it wasn’t in his wildest dreams that he would find a car inside it that was used in a James Bond movie. The car in question was a Lotus Esprit that was used in an underwater scene in the movie, The Spy Who Loved Me. Eventually, the car was auctioned and sold for close to a million dollars.

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