Is virtual reality blessing of modern day technology for different sectors?

Posted by Nabin Shaw on February 4th, 2019

Virtual is an adjective that, in its original sense, refers to that which has virtue to produce an effect, although it does not produce it from the present.  The concept is currently associated with what has an apparent existence, opposed to the real or physical. This term is very usual in the field of computing and technology to refer to the reality built by systems or digital formats.

It is known as virtual reality to the technological system that allows the user to have the feeling of being immersed in a different world from the real one. This illusion occurs thanks to the models created by a computer that the user contemplates through a special helmet. Virtual reality was born to be applied in videogames and now in virtual meeting. It is currently useful in fields such as medicine and transport.

Virtual platform

Virtual reality does not have a well-defined origin, probably because it was the convergence of various ideas and discoveries that took place since the mid-nineteenth century, long before the existence of computers that you know and use today.

With these definitions in clear, you can introduce yourself in the concept of virtual platform - best meeting software which is used in the field of technology. A virtual platform is a system that allows the execution of diverse applications under the same environment, giving users the possibility of accessing them through the Internet. This means that, when using a virtual platform, the user must not be in a specific physical space, but only needs to have a connection to the Web that allows them to access the platform in question and make use of its services.

Broadly speaking, virtual teaching platforms are organized as follows

The user must enter the portal of the institution and choose the curriculum that best suits their needs and possibilities. It is important to highlight that there are certain technical requirements for the platform to work. While it is rare that a student does not have the amount of memory and processor speed required, they can require you to have a camera or, at least, a microphone.

Having chosen the desired plan, you proceed to reserve the classes. This may vary in each case, but it is normal for lessons to be offered in packages of different amounts, with tempting discounts and that the payment must be made in advance. Some institutions offer a free class or free online teaching software to test their services before making the final decision. The virtual platform not only offers the advantage of not having to mobilize to access it, but also provides a great flexibility with respect to the schedules of the lessons.


Since teachers are also not forced to leave their homes, it is possible to arrange shifts outside of business hours, even during the night, as long as both parties agree. Classes can take advantage of technologies such as digital white boards, to give teachers and students the convenience of writing directly with their hands, as they would on a sheet.

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