Everything You Need to Know About House Rendering

Posted by Nabin Shaw on February 4th, 2019

We all want an excellent finish to our exterior wall. Many people paint their homes, but no matter how many applications they do, they can never get the smooth and sharp finish they wanted. This is because you did not hire an expert in house rendering Melbourne.

The exterior part of our house is subject to erosion and weathering. If there is no house render coating employed for wall protection, problems will start to come out over time. When this is not checked, it could cost more to repair.

What is House Rendering?

Rendering is a process where the exterior wall surface is covered with either sand or cement, a synthetic resin or a lime-based colored render. The method can give the house protection, the level of which is determined by how much rendering is done. According to Crown Solid Plaster, sand and cement based render is the most common in house rendering Melbourne.

It protects the exterior wall from mostly water damage and at the same time, makes the exterior walls more attractive. At Crown Solid Plaster, they specialized in protecting many homes in Melbourne from damage while making them more impressive than the neighbor’s walls.

Why Do You Need House Rendering?

By getting the right house rendering for your external walls using only the highest quality render makes the property always look brand new. When this is done correctly, it can increase the value of your home. A prospective buyer will less likely buy a house with chipped paints.

Most importantly, the purpose of house rendering Melbourne is to protect the walls against water damage. Rendering may cost you, but it is a lot cheaper than having to put up scaffolding because your external walls are damaged. Rendering can also boost the home’s aesthetics, response to damp and water resistance.

Do You Need Approvals for House Rendering?

This is one question Crown Solid Plaster from homeowners. The answer is not a definite Yes or No. To check for the regulations on minor external and non-structural alterations, you have to refer to the State Environment Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 or the NSW Planning & Infrastructure Exempt and Complying Development. The latter was developed to streamline the approvals for low impact development, where house rendering Melbourne belong.

In addition, some things need consideration mainly on the site location like access, noise restrictions, and scaffolding. Some of them may require approval from the local council. The best course of action is to give the local council a call.

Rendering External Walls

If you need house rendering in Melbourne, Crown Solid Plaster is happy to render your walls. They have spent years in providing quality rendering outside walls in many houses in Melbourne. Hiring them will not only protect your external walls from adverse weather, but it will also have a lovely color that will be the envy of your neighbors. They also of repair services to house render or complete re-rendering of the house.

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