50.17 Percent Profits in 75 Trading Days: The Success Story of RvR Ventures!

Posted by Disha Gupta on February 5th, 2019

Forex, also known as foreign exchange, FX or currency trading, is a decentralized global market where all the world's currencies trade. The forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world with an average daily trading volume exceeding trillion a day, which much more than the volume on the New York Stock Exchange.

Also, the most traded currency is the US dollar, which features in nearly 80% of all forex trades. Nearly 90% of forex trading is speculative trading. The majority of foreign exchange trades consist of spot transactions, forwards, foreign exchange swaps, currency swaps and options. However, as a leveraged product there is plenty of risk associated with Forex trades that can result in substantial losses.

Interestingly - challenging the risk-reward ratio & trading frequency of the biggest Forex Traders & Portfolio Managers in the world, RvR Ventures achieved 50.17% profits by trading on Real ECN Account of $ 1 Million. The traders of RvR ventures traded pairs like XAUUSD, EURUSD, GBPJPY, GBPUSD, EURGBP and other cross currency pairs on Real ECN accounts with 1:500 leverage through automated & manual mode of trading based on the algorithms developed by RvR Ventures & a Dubai Based Indian Cryptographer & Forex Trader.

RVR Venture growth

As per the data verified by us on the Track Record Verified & Trading Privileges verified portfolios of RvR Ventures on MyFxBook.com: (Link: https://www.myfxbook.com/members/rvr005/2739956)

RvR Ventures achieved a total gain of 50.17% on their portfolio RvR005 with a daily gain of up to 0.39%, Monthly gain of 12.62% with a drawdown of 44.5% only. Total profit of $ 5,02,116 was booked in 75 Trading Days / 3 months (15 October, 2018 - 27 January, 2019) on a total portfolio size of 1,000,000$ with 83% accuracy on 2,067 trades with 20,876 lots executed during this span on their portfolio RvR005, a Real - ECN account with 1:500 leverage.

RVR Ventures 2

RvR Ventures achieved profit returns ranging from 68.44%- 5.78% on their various accounts. A total profit of $ 3,473,648.50 was booked with a daily gain of 0.30 % & monthly gain of 12.64% at an average trading accuracy of 71% on total 46,811 trades executed with 66.579 lots on their portfolio through manual & automated trading as seen in Image 2.

Q&A with Mr. Kevin Albuquerque, Chief Trading Officer - RvR Ventures.

How can a trader make profits safely in highly volatile & high-risk market?

"How much can I make as a trader"? This is one of the first questions that many people ask me followed by "How long will it take"? Each person is unique in their goals. Some traders want to make millions while others want to improve their financial situation and enjoy the flexibility of Forex trading. Forex Trading has unlimited possibilities. Hence one should not be greedy & should be patient enough to focus, calculate & mitigate the risk while booking / planning profits in highly volatile currencies in Forex Trading. We took less than 5% risk on the basis of our automated trading algorithm & achieved upto 68% profits in 75 trading days.

What is the trading strategy of RvR Ventures?

We at RvR Ventures focus on profits & work on profit sharing basis only without charging any handling charges, service charges, trading commissions or fund management charges. We started working on our algorithms in 2008, so that we can trade with maximum accuracy by minimizing the risk to achieve higher profits in any type of volatile markets & on any currency pair in Forex. Making our offering a win-win situation, our proposal is very simple: We earn only if you earn.

Explaining further with more insights, Mr. Kevin Albuquerque said, "The Forex is a highly leveraged market, with typical leverage ratios ranging from 1:100 to 1:1000. If you use the maximum available leverage, your account can be wiped out in a matter of seconds when the market moves against you. I generally prefer leverage of 1:400 - 1:500. In addition, I always make sure that total risk taken by me doesn't exceed more than 10% of total portfolio size in the very beginning. Once the profits in the first few trades are booked, we generally take calculated risk on the profits earned only, keeping the principal amount entirely safe. Most of the trades opened by us are closed the same day to minimize the risk on the principal/profit amount in case of sudden one directional volatility."

Is Forex Trading A Gamble?

All trading appears as speculative as to be little more than legalized gambling. There are no guarantees and making a profit on the exchange seems a totally random matter. The reality is that successful Forex trading is a highly skilled business that is not like betting at all. A common misconception is that Forex is gambling, but I personally do not consider it gambling. If you want to be successful at trading currencies, you need to take a Forex related course, need to be actively updated regarding latest market trends, market conditions, political - economic current affairs, economic data & economy of various countries.

Does Forex Broker play an important role in Forex Trading?

Yes, definitely, the trading platform provider & Forex brokers play an important role in the same. The tight spreads, negligible slippage and timely execution of trades always boost the confidence & accuracy of a Forex Trader, hence we always & only work with Regulated Forex Brokers.

What do you prefer: Smaller Lots - Higher Profits or Bigger Lots - Smaller Profits?

Recently, we were able to book up to 2,100$ per trade's profit on lot sizes of just 0.30 in sequence, repeatedly and on the other hand, we also booked 1,14,000$ profits in 48 trading hours by trading on lot sizes of up to 100.00 each. It doesn't matter whether a trader trades on big or small lots, what matters is how much profit he is able to book on the same & in how much time, without holding any floating losses.

Smaller the lots, lesser the risk, however, to book 20x or 30x profits on small lot sizes you need to have accurate and in-depth knowledge about markets, volumes, moving averages, pair range, market sentiments, pivot points, resistance & support of a particular pair on which you are trading. On the other hand to trade on higher lots ranging from 25.00 to 100.00 each to achieve higher profits in few minutes, you need to be more alert, very cautious & accurate on your strategy. A movement of 1000 pips can instantly make your account stand in a floating loss of 100,000$ in minutes!

What makes your automated trading more efficient & accurate?

We have integrated more than 132 parameters including OHLC, market sentiments, volumes, Live News based volatility factors, EMA, SMA, Pivot Point based volatility assumptions, Momentum, Summary of various successful indicators, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, RSI, Fibonacci Retracement, SL TP ratio, Session-Based Volatility Calculations, Ascending, Descending, Symmetrical - Triangle Strategy, Head & Shoulder Strategy & Dynamic support & resistance trackers in a single algorithm to achieve utmost efficiency, trading accuracy & right point of entry & exit in different pairs of currencies in Forex Trading through our automated Trading & Forex Trading Strategy Algorithm.

Do you also offer Training?

Yes, recently we have started training courses for the candidates who qualify for Forex Trading. We offer extensive technical & fundamental analysis based real-time training sessions on Real ECN accounts for more than 2500 trading hours. This prepares the candidates to trade with higher accuracy in highly volatile markets. In addition, we also offer the option to experience our automated trading strategy as a guide in the learning process.

What are your future expansion plans?

We are now planning to expand our Portfolio Management Business in different countries of the world, by offering the option to copy our trades on Social Trading of various regulated Forex brokers which will help beginners, experts & professional Forex Traders, to minimize the risk & maximize the opportunity of returns on investment in Forex Trading. We have no plans to sell or reveal our automated trading robots, strategy & trading algorithms to any party.

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