25 Must-Visit Palaces In Jaipur, Rajasthan!

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In India, when we say ‘royal’, the first thing that comes to our mind is Rajasthan. While other states enjoyed their fair share of ‘royalty’, the reason Rajasthan carries this reputation is because it ensures every visitor gets to experience the luxurious lifestyle. Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan still carries the essence of this Rajputana culture.

Jaipur is home to numerous luxurious palaces which housed the erstwhile Rajasthani royalty. Some of these palaces which were built 200 years ago have since been converted into heritage hotels; while others like City Palace, Amber Palace, or the Gems Palace have been turned into museums to showcase and preserve the culture of Rajasthan. The visitors now have the chance to stay in these heritage hotels and experience the luxury first hand. You can choose to stay at the heritage hotels acquired by the Taj group which offer the most attractive destinations at the heart of the city. The palaces are ginormous, with architecture reminiscent of the glory days of the past.

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Without further ado, let’s jump right into the list of the must-visit palaces when you’re travelling across Jaipur:

1.    City Palace- The palace is situated very close to Hawa Mahal, in the heart of the Pink City. The City Palace is basically a complex of Chandra Mahal and Mubarak Mahal. The palace was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in 1729 when he shifted his capital from Amber due to an increase in population and water shortage. The Jaipur City Palace can be divided into eight sections that need to be visited. The entry fee is Rs 75 for adults and Rs 40 for kids. The Virendra Pol entrance leads to the Mubarak Mahal of the palace. The design of the Mubarak Mahal is a fusion of European, Islamic and Rajput designs. The Mahal was basically a reception centre, but now it is converted into a museum that displays a variety of textiles. The noteworthy symmetry, motifs, and architecture follow the colour scheme of the pink city. The Pritam Niwas Chowk of the Palace provides access to the Chandra Mahal. Each of the gates here has different, intricate and ornate design structure. Diwan-i-am and Diwan-i-khaas are halls meant for meetings. The Maharani Palace presently is a museum of weaponry, artefacts and more. Do visit the Bagikhana and Govind-Ji while visiting the palace.    

 2.    Rambagh Palace- The Rambagh Palace in Jaipur was built in the year 1835 as a small building for the Queen’s handmaiden Kesar Badaran. Eventually, when the palace was being used for royalty, it went through a lot of renovation and modification. It was used as a guest house and hunting lodge and later got named the Rambagh Palace. Later, in 1922, the Maharaja of Jaipur made the palace his permanent residency till 1957. During these years the palace went through a lot of changes. Till the year 1972, Rambagh palace was run as a luxury hotel and was later handed over to Taj. The speciality of the palace are the huge lawns which house visiting birds like the peacock. Rambagh Palace is one of the first palaces in India that was converted into a hotel.

 3.    Jai Mahal Palace- Converted into a heritage hotel under the possession of Taj, this palace features landscaped Mughal gardens with breathtaking scenic views. The Jai Mahal Palace is a perfect example of Indo-Saracenic architecture spread along 18 acres of Jaipur. The best part about this hotel is that it is in the vicinity of the Pink City, giving you easy access to shop at Johari Bazaar & Bapu Bazaar or visit the Amber Fort and Hawa Mahal. The Palace was built in 1745 and it still holds the beauty and essence of the palace as it plays a crucial role in the history of Rajasthan.

 4.   Raj Palace Jaipur- It is considered to be the first and the oldest palace in Jaipur and was recently converted into a heritage hotel. The present owner of the palace is Princess Jayendra Kumari who takes good care of the palace. Jayendra Kumari happens to be the 16th generation descendent of Thakur Mohan Singh Ji. He had built the Raj Palace in the year 1727. Thakur Mohan Singh Ji was the ruler of Chaumoo and a then Prime Minister of the Raj. Thakur Mohan Singh Ji was a descendant of one of the greatest warriors of Amer, Thakur Manohardar Ji. The throne of Mohan Singh Ji is still on display in the Maharaja Pavilion Suite of the hotel. The hotel is awarded among the best and finest in the city.

 5.   Diggi Palace- Diggi Palace is another palace in Jaipur that is converted into a heritage hotel. The speciality of this hotel is that it is not an expensive stay. The Palace has huge lawns and it is spread on 10 acres of land. The Diggi Palace is almost 200 years old and was built by Shri Thakur Sahib Pratap Singh Ji Diggi of the Diggi dynasty. The Diggi Palace is another example of classic Rajasthani architecture. An attractive feature of the palace is the water fountain built outside during the 1860s. On the lawns of the Diggi Palace, you get to experience wonders of nature as a variety of birds and squirrels pay a visit in the morning.

 6.  Indana Palace Jaipur- Similar to Diggi palace, Indana Palace of Jaipur is another heritage hotel where you can pay a visit at pocket-friendly rates. The hotel is located near the Jaipur-Delhi highway and is known for its hospitality and warm reception. Amenities like fine dining experience, luxurious swimming pool, and world-class spa make Indana Palace an ultimate destination for the business traveller.

 7.    Hotel Arco Palace- Located 15 minutes away from the Jaipur airport and 5 minutes away from the railway station, Arco Palace is a convenient option to put up during a visit to Jaipur. This 3-star hotel experience in Jaipur comes with an inexpensive stay, wonderful service, friendly staff, delicious food, and other amenities. The best part about the stay is the typical Rajasthani Palace ambience.

 8.  Hotel Jaipur Palace- The Jaipur Palace Hotel or the Hotel Jaipur Greens is located in the centre of Jaipur near the Vidhan Sabha. The hotel has its own Gagar bar that attracts the youth to come together and interact with each other. The Hotel has a bunch of conference rooms, a beautiful rooftop garden, coffee shop, and a restaurant. The hotel provides you with the best amenities and appealing landscapes of the gardens.

 9. Samode Palace- The Samode Palace of Jaipur or the Samode Haveli has been a host to the royalties, celebrities, and tons of other people. The Samode Palace is an ultimate destination to experience Rajasthani royalty. The hotel is renowned for offering experiences like rooftop cocktails with a bunch of folk musicians on a cold evening. The inception of the palace took place 475 years ago indicating that it is one of the oldest existing palaces. This hotel also happens to be a popular choice for destination weddings.

 10.   Krishna Palace Hotel- The Krishna Palace Hotel in Jaipur is a heritage hotel that is guaranteed to leave you with a happy stay and marvelling eyes. The hotel is recommended by many international travel books like the Lonely Planet, Routard, Arukikata and more. The building dates back to 80 years ago. The most attractive part of the hotel is the rooftop restaurant that provides you with amazing food and a scenic view of the city. The hotel is located at a walking distance from the railway station with free pickup service available.

 11.  Hotel Pearl Palace- Hotel Pearl Palace is described as ‘the biggest budget hotel in Jaipur’ and is often listed among the top 25 budget-friendly hotels in Jaipur. The hotel is like a colour blast with intricate designs of Rajasthani motifs. The experience of staying in this hotel is no less than a palace. The hotel also has its own silver shop and an international satellite programming for a beautiful stargazing experience. The rooms are well decorated and properly set up to ensure you get a royal treatment. The hotel has a restaurant that offers a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes.

12.  Vesta Maurya Palace- The Vesta Palace is a chain of luxurious hotels in Rajasthan. Vesta is the name of a Roman Goddess who symbolizes home, h¬earth, and fire. The theme of the whole hotel Vesta Maurya Palace is governed by this concept invoking warm and welcoming colours with a homely feeling. The hotel is painted pink in keeping with the tradition of the Pink City. Located at close proximity from the railway station and airport, makes it a convenient stay for business travel. The interior of the hotel adorned with beautiful Rajasthani paintings and chandeliers, give off a royal vibe thus appealing to your visual senses.

 13.  Gold Palace Jaipur- Hotel Gold Palace of Jaipur is a wonderful example of Mughal landscapes and living experiences. The hotel has Mughal gardens that come with Kesar kyaries and fountains. The palace faces this garden with appealing landscapes. You also get a view of the Aravali hills when you stay at this hotel. The Shahibaug of the palace would remind you of King Akbar and his lifestyle. The hotel comes with a number of facilities like spas, nature walk, dining, sauna, game rooms, health facilities and more. The hotel is a must stay for a wonderful modern yet royal experiences.

 14.  Hari Mahal Palace- The Hari Mahal Palace is another heritage hotel that once served a royal family in Jaipur. Hari Mahal Palace was built in 1930 as a city residence of Rajadhiraj Hari Singh Ji from Achrol. The Achrol dynasty was one of the twelve leading chiefs of Jaipur city. The design of the palace is a blend of British, Mughal, and Rajasthani styles. The hotel has abundant royal rooms and spaces, with a huge outdoor area dedicated to a well-maintained lawn. When it comes to the location of the hotel, it is very close to the Chief Minister’s house. The hotel comes with a variety of provisions including a well-equipped pantry for your hourly cravings.

15.  Chomu Palace- The Chomu Palace is an ultimate destination and a must visit palace in Jaipur. The palace was built around 300 years ago, and it is a testament to the architectural beauty of Rajasthan. The palace which exemplifies rich and aristocratic lifestyle is spread along a huge area in Jaipur. The palace has a number of historic monuments that will bring joy to a history or art lover. The interior of the hotel is filled with authentic pieces of furniture that was used by the royalty. Paying a visit to Jaipur has its own perks, but living in a place like the Chomu palace will complete your royal experience in Rajasthan.

 16.  Amber Palace- A visit to the Amber Palace or the Amer Fort is a breathtaking and marvellous experience. The iconic Amber Palace is huge and protected with strong walls made of stones. The Amer fort is now a UNESCO world heritage site. The whole palace is built of red sandstone and marbles. It was built around 976 CE and has then been ruled by a number of Royal Kings. Before the City Palace, Amer fort was the capital of the rulers. The fort is huge and full of wonderful artefacts showcasing Rajasthan’s rich history. The artefacts are conserved and kept on display in the fort. The view of the city from the Amer Fort is something to behold. The fort has a lot of small palaces and rooms worth visiting; each of these rooms has its own unique style and architecture. 

 17. Rajmahal Palace- Spread across 15 acres of lush green lawns, Rajmahal Palace was built by Sawai Singh Ji as a private palace for his beloved wife. Although the hotel is located on the outskirts of the city it provides you with the complete Rajputana hospitality. The palace even had the good fortune of hosting numerous dignitaries like Queen Elizabeth. The palace has various dining venues that serve a wide variety of food.

18.  Sarang Palace- Hotel Sarang Palace is the best 3-star hotel in Jaipur. This budget-friendly hotel provides you with the best services and an amazing palace experience with beautiful décor and spacious rooms. Some of the rooms come with Rajasthani paintings on the ceiling. The hotel provides amenities like car rental services, and entertainment in the form of Rajasthani folk music and dance forms.

 19.  Umaid Bhawan Palace- Hotel Umaid Bhawan Palace of Jaipur stands apart owing to its beautiful, intricate interiors. The awe-inspiring architecture combined with scenic views makes it the best place for clicking selfies. The palace, believed to be the best 4-star hotel in Jaipur, comes with a range of amenities and services complete with royal treatment from the staff. The intricacy of design on the walls and the gates will keep you marvelling at the beauty of this palace.

 20.  Maharani Palace- Maharani Palace by the Maharani Group of Hotels is located at a vicinity from the Pink City. The interiors of the hotel including the rooms have modern look fused with a touch of Rajasthani traditional art. The lights in the hotel are warm and appealing against a huge colour palette, especially with the blues. The hotel comes with a range of facilities. Among other things, Maharani Palace is particularly well known for the food they serve here.

 21.  Laxmi Palace- Hotel Laxmi Palace is not only described as a hotel, but as a home. It is evident through the warm, welcoming and friendly staff. This heritage hotel is located at a walking distance from the station and is a few kilometres away from the airport. The rooms at this hotel are spacious with amazing furniture and interior decor. The hotel lives up to the European standards of services and cleanliness.

 22.  Mansingh Palace- This Palace belongs to the Mansingh group of hotels in India. Mansingh Palace gives you the perfect essence of Jaipur and the Rajputana culture through its interiors and decor. The hotel comes with a wonderful swimming pool and other amenities available for you to take complete advantage of. The hotel is located with easy access to the railway, airport, and the Pink City. The Mansingh Palace is among the city’s finest accommodations with comfort and luxury being the top priorities for the hotel.

 23.  Hotel King Palace- One of the best 3-star hotels in Jaipur, King Palace, comes with a variety of amenities like restaurants, ayurvedic massages, conference rooms, gymnasium and more. The Hotel King Palace is a value for money leisure hotel located on Amber Road.

 24.  Maharaja Palace- Located near the railway and bus stations, the Maharaja Palace is easily accessible to travellers. The interiors of the hotel are simple. However, the hotel has a friendly and cooperative staff which works towards providing you with a delightful stay experience. The hotel comes with other facilities like car services for city tours.

 25.  Gem Palace- The Gem Palace of Jaipur was built in the year 1852. It has been one of India's iconic jewellery houses for more than 160 years. The palace belonged to the Kasliwal family who were into jewellery trade and made the court jewels for the Amer fort. The family still lives up to their reputation of fine craftsmanship and jewellery making. The jewellery made in this palace are on display in the Metropolitan Museum NYC, Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum and places of international repute. The Gem Palace provides you with a golden opportunity to witness the world’s finest jewellery selection and creation, still at work designing ornaments for the royalty.

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