Sailing Safe In The Waters - Things You Need To Know About The ISM Code

Posted by Harry Voges on February 6th, 2019

In the current scenario, there are a lot of changing trends that have been taking place in the marine world. With the ever-changing landscapes and international regulations, there is a new set of codes which should be known by all the mariners. When you have the responsibility of transporting important materials and humans across vast stretches of ocean, it makes sense to have comprehensive knowledge about the ISM Code 2018.

Characteristics of ISM code

The ISM code or the International Safety Management Code comes with the guidelines and the rules and regulations which are to be followed. The rules cater to the safe and effective management for the transportation of ships and maritime operations. In cases where the ship is transporting heavy cargo which have more than 500 gross tonnage and more on international voyages, the compliance with the norms becomes imperative.

When you are a mariner or someone who has a direct work with the storage and the transportation of materials on the ship, you should have the knowledge. In case you are looking for a way you can get hands-on knowledge which will help you manage the operations on a ship, getting a manual is a right option. When you have a book which mentions all the rules in detail, you can access the information you require at your convenience.

Safe transportation and prevention of pollution

With the ISM code guidelines, you can check it any time you require reference to the handling of the products. One of the crucial aspects which are covered in the ISM code is the fact of preventing pollution in the international waters. When you are transporting cargo which includes the likes of oil tankers and chemical tankers which can sometimes lead to pollution in waters if they are not managed and stored properly. The guidelines mention the ways in which they can be prevented.

The ISM code is a necessary tool which comes handy for references on different occasions. When you have the latest ISM code in the form of a book, all the processes can become seamless. Since people have different preferences for reading, you can choose from different forms of books. These include the likes of Book in the physical form and e-reader. They come with the options of English and Spanish and you select the one which you find right.

Some of the people who make use of the ISM code is required include-

  • Ship owners
  • Operators
  • Maritime administrators
  • Shipping companies
  • Training Providers
  • Equipment manufacturers

To know more about the features and details about the ISM code guidelines and books, visit the websites of renowned maritime book retailers.

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