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Posted by graphicsdigitizing on February 6th, 2019

An embroidery in par perceptual quality keeps the entire life of the clothing without cracking or fading and sends a signal to the outside world about really good style! It is very durable and perfect for profiling your company or keeping in the length of, for example, your expensive horse equipment.

At the same time, it is a very good way to make your things very special and very personal for example by embroidering the name of the cradle of the newborn.

In principle, embroidery can be embroidered on anything that can be tensioned in an embroidery frame:

From the very powerful car mats over the finest baptismal dress to small pockets.

Because quality is an honor for every embroidery, many customers are not in doubt when the firm partner for professional clothing has to be chosen and come again and again - with both new and "old" challenges.

We offer services such as Machine Embroidery, even advanced embroidery with high difficulty.

We perform:

  • Machine Embroidery for companies, with advertising / logo embroidery that makes their company more visible.
  • Want to surprise and delight family or friends? Order an original embroidered gift.
  • We do embroidery of pictures, text, figures, borders etc. Anything. Only the imagination that stops.
  • We embroider on all kinds of fabric, from chiffon to leather.
  • We also embroider on ready-made clothes, bedding, curtains, tablecloths or other desirable.
  • We use high quality wire where the color does not disappear and can be machine washed.

This is some of our work.

And remember each embroidery can be varied indefinitely with eg.

Only requirement is, the result must be perfect...

1. The embroidery is made on a technical fleece

2. The material dissolves in hot water

3. The finished results

In order to achieve the best possible result, most textiles require some kind of technical material between fabric and embroidery. This completely disappears under running hot water. Unless otherwise agreed, the item is delivered with this fleece or plastic and must be rinsed / washed before it can be used.

So take a look at the group-divided photo gallery and see a selection of options and get good ideas on how things can be done for you.

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