Determining the Best Time to Buy Boats

Posted by Terotech Solutions Inc. on February 6th, 2019

What is the best time to invest in a boat? This is one of the most asked questions. However, the unfortunate bit is that there’s no one ideal answer to that. The thing is that one can always find a bargain and great deal at any time of the year. Nonetheless, the most ideal periods are off-seasons (fall and winter) is when it’s really the right buyer’s market. In the converse, spring and early summer periods are best for selling.

Why Fall and Winter?

What happens is that during fall and winter, boat dealerships are usually after clearing their unsold stock. This allows them to make room for new stock in the coming year. If you are a buyer looking for a deal, this is the best time to shop around. If you are looking for the finest supreme boats, you can get plenty of them in shows and expos. They often coincide at this time of the year and this when dealers and builders meet under one roof on a head to head competition.

Two Choices

For consumers looking to purchase a boat at the most appropriate time have two choices:

Visiting dealerships in the fall period i.e. October, November, December

Visiting boat shows and expos winter period i.e. January, February, March


Visit dealerships in the fall

Several reasons explain why fall is the best period to commence shopping at boat dealerships. To begin with, this is the time when you’ll start experiencing the biggest discounts and deep price cuts. Oftentimes, dealerships offer significant price cuts on new and used boats. You will for example, buy wake surf boats, at discounted rates because dealers want to avoid the financial encumbrance of going with old stock through the entire winter. They also want to make room in their showrooms so they can order new makes from manufacturers with whom they partner.

This period, however, isn’t just ideal because of dealer discounts. Besides the advantageous rates, consumers who already own boats can easily trade in and avoid storage fees. During this off-season, you can also get the equipment and accessories you need like nautique parts; have them installed in readiness for the beginning of the boating season.

Best Terms and Prices

The general rule is that terms, prices and financing are usually at their best during boat show seasons. This is usually attributed to the healthy competition among dealers. It prompts them to come up with substantial discounts on old stock models, while giving attractive specials that spur sales of the new models.

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