Importance of Android App Development Strategies for Market Development

Posted by Victor Bajaj on February 6th, 2019

Mobile applications are preferred over Web-based solutions because they are more dynamic than the Web and are growing at a very fast rate also the demand for freelance android app development. The mobile application development space is dominated by smartphones and, between smartphones, 84.7% of Android-based devices are included. We have seen a widespread expansion especially in the use of mobile applications in developing countries. But, companies need to have a mobile application development strategy in place, so that their entry in these markets is quite fast and a scalable plan is created and also this gave birth to the requirement of the freelance mobile app developer. Developing markets are quite different from those of developed people because there are social differences clearly. , Economic and Psychological Setup. What is needed in this scenario include the following points in the right mobile application development strategy:

Android Over iOS Choice:

The main reason for choosing an Android app development platform on iOS is the low cost of equipment. We recently saw Google's advent of Android-based smartphones only. Other reasons for the choice of devices are because the OS allows the user to choose their own customization level. We can also mention here about multitasking which is offered by some of these devices when compared with iOS devices. Apart from this, we see that this platform has actually developed very fast in comparison to the competition.

Apps marketing:

First and foremost, an Android-based mobile app needs to be launched in the Google Play Store. Research is important in that the guidance of the app development process, with valuable qualitative and quantitative research, find out the reasons for downloading the application. These apps are always marketed keeping in mind the target audience. In the user message in the Google Play Store, it has been explained about what the app is all about, and also works with the purpose of giving them a call to action. You work best for marketing your app. Creating brand awareness for mobile apps is equally important, using video, app icons, feature and promotional graphics as well as descriptive screenshots. Localization of apps is another important aspect of the mobile app's marketing and the key to their success. Localization will help to increase advertising conversion rates along with biological development. During the development of the app, most successful companies opt for localization.


Mobile advertising has seen an increase in the number of apps. In-App Ads is the future of mobile advertising. The in-app ad is to provide better opportunities to target the right audience at the right time. other than this. In-app marketing becomes more effective because the data is accessible and it is possible to use it at all points of the ecosystem, which has the potential to become more targeted in the market. There are many apps on this platform, which are available for free, but premium features are provided with user payment.

Free App is Referred:

For highly populated countries like India and China, free apps will always be a priority for curious users, compared to paid apps. Most apps on Android are free in nature. Sometimes the similar apps ported from iOS to Android appear to be free. In-app advertising works very well because it is based on location data, which is useful in context and increase the mobile app's customer engagement.

When starting a mobile app development company, it is mandatory to select a marketing plan that will run users in the most cost-effective manner. But at the same time at the initial level, you can prefer to hire freelance mobile app developer. With Android app development companies having a large amount of smartphone user base in developing countries, they have a large presence of potential customer base. However, the decision is based only on whether they will opt for this service.

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