What Makes the Franchising System Ideal for Starting a Pre-school?

Posted by Gd Goenka Toddler on February 6th, 2019

The Indian socio-economic framework has totally changed in the last couple of years. While earlier, large joint families and mothers only playing the role of a home-maker was a norm, today the scenario is different. Nowadays nuclear families with both parents working is a norm. As a result, there has been a positive impact on the demand for child-care, pre-school, and day-boarding facilities. In fact, as per certain studies, the growth of the pre-school industry in India is largely boosted by the increasing change in lifestyle and demographics of the urban population. Modern educated parents are not only becoming increasingly aware of the various advantages of enrolling their toddlers in child care centers and preschools, these facilities have also become a necessity for working parents. As per a prominent pre-school/child care market analysis report, this sector is apparently expected to grow steadily at a CAGR of almost 32% by 2021. And, all of these factors reflect that opening a Kindergarten school in Indianow can prove to be quite a lucrative venture for budding entrepreneurs.

Franchising: The best way to start a pre-school

The childcare and the pre-school domains in India are highly fragmented, and comprises of many prominent regional, national and international players. In this scenario, it becomes highly difficult for an independent entrepreneur starting a preschool to succeed as he/she has to compete with various renowned educational brands.

While planning to enroll their young children in a play school or daycare, most parents look for a facility that they can trust. However, with an independently run pre-school that trust factor might not come in from day one as parents would be skeptical about the facility and its services. However, on opening a pre-school in association with any of the renowned kindergarten school franchises of the country, entrepreneurs can make the most of the brand’s goodwill and taste success and excellent ROI from the very first academic year itself.

Franchising is a popular business model, in which the education brand (the franchiser) allows various entrepreneurs (franchisees) to have access to their proprietary knowledge, brand name, trademarks, and processes. In exchange, the franchisee would be required to pay an initial start-up and annual licensing fees to the franchisor.

The best school franchise brands of the country ideally have extremely simple and practical conditions for preschool setup. Some of those conditions include:

  • Investment of a certain sum of money
  • Holding on area as per pre-defined length and breadth
  • Putting both time and continuous efforts to make sure of the success and optimal profitability of the business venture

Thus, by opting to buy a pre-school franchise, entrepreneurs can make the most of a tried and tested business model that the franchisor has in place and get excellent returns on the investments. To know about the brands offering such franchising opportunities, entrepreneurs can easily check out the websites of some popular educational institutions that are willing to offer franchises and apply for one.

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