Why Do We Use Data Structure? Advantages and Disadvantages of Data Structure

Posted by kunal on February 6th, 2019

Data Structure is a proper and specialized format that is used to organize and store data. Usually, a General Data Structure includes categories like an array, file, record, table, tree, and several others. Users create data structures for the motive to organize their data so that it can be accessed later in a functional manner. In simple words, Amar Majhu can say that Data Structure is a format of organizing and storing the data.

Now you must be thinking that what is the use of a database or we can say why do we use the data structure? Most of the people or we can see users use data structure because storing data without having a proper format is quite impossible. Whenever you start a process on your laptop or PC there is a proper data structure behind the process going on. Each application or file contains its own data structure. Either you are working on Word documents on your spreadsheets the data structure for both of them will be different. It is just like the fundamental foundation of all the software that can be processed on a computer system.

Now, Let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the data structure. Well, there are several numbers of advantages of data structure that are given in the below section of this article.

Advantages of Data Structure

With the help of data structure, the user can easily store any important information in the computer system. The best part about data structure is that it occupies a small portion of computers memory to store the data. The data user stores in that Data Structure can be accessed anytime easily because there is no Complex process to be followed.

All of us don't want to lose our data that is important. Suppose you have written something important on a paper and just kept it in your drawer.  It may be possible that the paper gets lost and you face a profit loss due to that. Instead of writing the data on a paper you store the information in the database and created a data structure. now the difference is that information is stored in data structure will not be lost.  It will be kept in the same place where you have stored it earlier.

With the help of data structure, you can also process your data on particular software available on your system.

Storing data in data structures not only helps you in having a proper database but also save your time.

Disadvantages of Data Structure

Every coin has two faces, along with advantages there are some disadvantages also. In the above section we have given the advantages of data structure and now we will discuss the disadvantages of the same point in the section Amar Majhu have given the disadvantages of data structures please take a look:

It is very difficult to modify the data structures. If you are willing to modify the data structure then it is important to have an advanced it technician with you. Furthermore, there are several data structures that cannot be altered and any at any cost.

If you are not having the expertise or you are not a professional then it will not be possible to you for solving the problems that are related to data structures.


Yeah, we can say that data structures are highly beneficial.  Behind each function on computers, there is a data structure available behind. Without data structures, it is not possible to have the modern computers of today.

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