The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical Review

Posted by tickets4musical on February 7th, 2019

The Lightening Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical is indeed applause worthy, the hit show has left me overwhelmed. It sure is a must-see and I suggest you ready your tickets right away if you don’t want to miss it. Get The Lightening Thief Tickets Cheap from Tickets4musical.

The sensational Show has already been nominated for three of Drama Desk Awards if you have read 2005 fantasy-adventure novel from Rick Riordan, this live adaptation of the original story will give you a new perspective. If you want a dose of it yourself you better start preparing right away as hit musical tickets such as this one is tend to sell out fast. Buy your tickets from Tickets4muscial and enjoy a special discount on using The Lightening Thief Tickets Discount Code. This picture-perfect musical has taken to the real storyline and characters, even the first line in the Rick Riordan's book "Look, I didn't want to be a half-blood" is used as the first line in the opening act sung by protagonist Percy Jackson played by Chris McCarrell restating his off-Broadway role in the musical adaption. The musical features a book by Joe Tracz and music and lyrics by Rob Rokicki.

The magnificence of the musical can be judged by the fact that they did what a big budget Hollywood Movie could not do, with a limited budget and some creative and ingenious depictions. It took the original plot of the book story and presented it in an extraordinary way with the help of their fantastic and huge cast and wise direction by Stephen Brackett. Having a plan to visit the theater to watch it live? Here’s your chance to nail some Discounted The Lightning Thief Tickets, getthemattickets4musical.


The story follows the half-blood Percy Jackson born out of a mortal mother and god of the sea, Poseidon. He always suffered from cruel behaviors of others but after he gets kicked out of school for the fifth time he finds out everything is because he is a half-blood.

He then somehow trapped into finding Zeus missing lightning bolt that is believed to be stolen by Percy himself. He along with his friends from Camp Half-Blood (a summer camp for half-blood like himself) Annabeth and Grover to stop the war between gods that is threatening the whole world.


The story is amazing as are the cast portraying the characters. The show encourages you to follow your dreams and do whatever you can to achieve that cause. A thrilling entertainment to go watch with

family, as for the tickets they are comparatively cheaper at Tickets4musical. To get your Discounted The Lightening Thief Tickets just visit the website.

Chris McCarrell as the brave hero of the show is absolutely flawless. His Talent as awkward Percy is praiseworthy. His emotion driven delivery of "Good Kid" is likely to become a teen anthem. The rest of the cast are not bad themselves. The feisty Annabeth is a joy to see as she tries to prove herself to be as good as a boy. Her big solo "My Grand Plan" depicts the unfortunate truth of the universe.

Jorrel Javier gives Grover a comic feel, though he has some of his own emotional moments too like his performance in “The Tree on the Hill” portrays his sadness within himself very originally. He is also magnificent as MR. D the peevish camp director.

All in all, everything is just in good sync the direction, the music and the acts all speak for themselves and give a fantastic time to its audience. The Lightening Thief Tickets are still on sale on Tickets4musical get them now before you miss them too.

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