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Intellectsoft LLC is mobile development company that had its establishment in 2007 for the purpose of developing mobile apps that would work with mobile phones of different operating systems. They also carry out the developments for PCs and their applications are useful in many industries including engineering, technical consulting and customer software, and software development and design. The company’s products and services include software development services and mobile applications. The organization has been growing over the years in the development of mobile apps and from a handful of clients to a high spectrum of customers across the globe. It is now a full-service mobile and software application development company. The company helps enterprises transform their business processes through mobile applications. Their team is available across five offices globally including the US, Silicon Valley, London, and Minsk. The company combines a deep insight of native and hybrid mobile technology with the integrating of IT expertise.

The company works with agile methodologies and has a team that has the dedication to service quality. They have managed to deliver over three hundred enterprise projects for their customer all over the world including Universal Pictures, L’Oreal, Diego, Monsoon, Bombardier, Eurostar, NHS, Guinness, and Jaguar. The company’s products range from business support systems to software that powers the collaboration across an organization. The company’s team of expert’s works with their customers to examine their critical business processes assesses the needs of the customers and then delivers the most appropriate automation strategies. The company understands that the mobile technology is advancing every day, and they ensure that they are the ones initiating the advancement or that they are moving together with mobile manufacturers. They are very vigilant to the market trends to pertain the area of mobile applications development so that they meet the needs of their clients in the ever-changing technological environments.

Internship environment

I will be carrying out my internship from the Intellectsoft LLC Company for two weeks where I will have involvement in some applications development projects for mobile phones. I will have the responsibility of developing and maintaining applications aimed at some iOS devices including a mobile device, tablets, and computers. My primary focus will entail the development of iOS apps as well as their integration with backend services. I ensure I work closely with other company engineers and developers responsible for different layers of infrastructure. I will have a commitment to collaborative problem-solving, creation of quality products and sophisticated design by applying action research to ensure that realization. I will ensure the quality, performance, and responsiveness of all applications developed. Collaboration with the company developers and engineers will ensure the designing, defining and shipping of new features to the applications. I will also handle identifying and fixing bugs in iOS applications, maintain their quality, organization, and automation.

I will help the company to solve some of the flaws that exist in the IT department and the customer center divisions in which I will be working. The company has not been ensuring full exploitation of the development of placation into the tablet platform; I will ensure that I bring that to their realization. My internship in the company will ensure full utilization of every opportunity and platform that can expand the company vision and focus on a wider perspective of their applications. Will ensure there is the accomplishment of vital projects within the right tie and with the required deliverables. I will ensure that I encourage more collaboration among the company developers and engineers, something that is not taking place me the right way right now. Thus, my work will be to ensure that I take the company to another high by refining their focus and efforts.


Action research is the most appropriate methodology to have application while doing my research in the Intellectsoft LLC Company as an intern for the period of two weeks. Action research focuses on combining the efforts of researchers and domain experts to solve practical problems that may be there (McTaggart, 1997). It helps to work towards established targets through the combining of ideas of the different participants in the action research process. AR is the process of studying a situation for the purpose of understanding and improving it to ensure the quality of practice (Kemmis & McTaggart, 1988). It gives r researchers and different practitioner’s new knowledge and insight concerning how to work and improve their professional practices. It helps the different researchers taking part in the process to improve the specific problems that exist in their professions, promotes reflective research and thinking, and expands the repertoire of the researchers.

AR also puts the researchers responsible for their craft, reinforces the connection between their practice and the achievement of their organizations, and it fosters openness towards learning new things and new ideas. The researchers are the ones that gain from the action research process, although they consequently impact the organizations in which they work. It aims to provide practitioners with necessary experience and skills to focus and engage in a meaningful inquiry into their practices so that they can enhance those practices bring positive changes to their environments (Lewin, 1946). By so doing the practitioners can better satisfy the needs o their clients and the community in which they are practicing their profession. Because AR provides many opportunities to researchers, it facilitates their empowerment, the practitioners get empowerment when they can collect and utilize data to take informed decisions about their organizations and practices.

Kurt Lewin presents action research as a spiral process that goes through the steps of planning, action, observation and action evaluation or reflection. The steps are repetitive in nature and proceed like that until the researchers find a perfect solution to the problem that they intend to solve. The characteristic of participation and reflection distinguishes action research from other types of research (Dick, 2006). Reflection takes space in all the stages of action research process beginning with the preliminary investigation of studying the problem in hand before devising ways to mitigate it. The planning stage involves laying down the strategy for carrying out actions meant to improve the situation at hand. The planning phase is where the researchers decide who will take part in the research process and what criteria they will use in filtering the alternatives available for approaching the problem (Stringer, 2007).

In the observation phase, the researchers meet and share their observations on their actions so that they can evaluate the whole process to begin another cycle of the process again (McTaggart, 1997). They critique the entire process in the reflection phase and come up with a new strategies based on their suggestions. That will help carry out their actions better so as to have a perfect solution to the issue they are trying to find a solution. After they decide on how to go about making changes to their actions, they then begin a new cycle of action research process all over again. The cycle continues until they find a solution that they anticipated getting.

Importance of action research

Action research process has numerous advantages. It helps the participants of the research process to understand the available ways of approaching the problem at hand so as to reach the anticipated solution in a cost effective manner. The participants that take part in the research process are a team of experts many of who may be having long experience in the practice. That helps even the beginners to have the quality of experience and skills refinement through their interaction with the experts. The team of experts helps to incorporate essential ideas that change the situation at hand completely. Action research helps in ensuring the solution the researchers arrive at is democratic, and all of the participants gain from the process (Koshy, (2005). The methodology is appropriate for my study as it will help me to participate actively in the research process with the experts from Intellectsoft while caring out iOS application development. It will help me gain necessary skills and experience that I will be employing in solving practical problems in my daily practice. Action research will help to have an influence on the outcomes of every research in the company so that I can improve the working environment as I also improve my practice.


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