Advantages of LEDs in Agriculture Industry

Posted by kamal on February 7th, 2019

Agriculture is one of the fastest growing industries in the contemporary society, though most of the benefits do not get full media coverage. The need to sustain humanity needs for different plant species either as food or other therapeutic purposes amidst diminishing land spaces has resulted in the inclusion of latest technologies to maximize crop production on limited spaces.

You may have heard about HPS lighting, for example, being used to grow various types of plants. But due to improving technology, farmers today are shifting to commercial led grow lights and other LED lighting systems in preference to the previous HPS lighting. Some of the compelling reasons for this sudden change to LEDs include:

  • Enhanced product quality
  • Saving more on costs and energy
  • Comes in a wide variety of choices
  • Friendly to the environment

Better Light Intensity and Spectrum

If you are looking for an optimal solution for vertical or green house farming, the most relevant metric to consider is yield per cubic meter instead of yield per square foot. The idea with these systems of farming is that farmers are always keen on creating as many rows as they can. This is then followed by adjusting the lights; bringing them closer to each of the created rows.

When you purchase commercial led grow lights for this case, you stand to gain in various aspects. One of the best things about LEDs is that they do not radiate so much heat. This means that the lights can be moved as close to the plants as possible without causing any damage. And as it is well known, high density of light can help to increase photosynthetic activity in plants. Therefore, farmers can benefit from better yield.

Nonetheless, increasing plant yields isn’t just about the density of light. It is also dependent on the spectrum of light. Using LEDs to increase yields has been successfully adopted in the growing of cannabis. According to various studies, cannabis grown using LEDs often reach their peak ripeness 5 days sooner than those grown using HPS lighting. Furthermore, the plants were recorded to yield 15% more of the dried flower, yet were two inches shorter when they reached maturity.

This means that incorporating Spectrum King grow lights and other ideal LEDs in vertical farming can hasten the maturity and improve yield in crops. This is the best way to maximize crop production under diminishing farming land.

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