Dual Workstation Desks for Partnership & Collaboration

Posted by Office Furniture on February 7th, 2019

In America, office workers spend an average of over five and a half hours each day just sitting at their desks. That is an awful lot of sitting in one day! Given that it is something that office workers do a lot, it is important that the right office set up is created. It is essential that office workers not only feel comfortable but also that they are able to work with each other when required. Crucially, if workers are comfortable, their time can be used productively. This is where dual workstation desks come in. Dual workstation desks allow a working partnership to reach its full potential, increasing the workers’ productivity through effective collaboration.

What’s wrong with individual desks?

Although there is nothing wrong with individual desks per se, workers in this set up often find themselves working competitively against others rather than as a part of a team. A dual workstation means individuals are brought together and can work collaboratively towards common goals.

Partnership for Productivity

With dual workstation desks, each worker has a dedicated workspace where they are free to explore their own avenues and work on their own terms in the office. However, the dual workstation approach allows these workers to work collaboratively and in partnership when required without the distractions of larger tables for teams of workers. With dual workstations, two people can work in partnership, developing their projects and helping to drive productivity and therefore business performance.

Dual Workstation Desk Configurations

Desks for two people come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. They can be compact or very large, dependent on the needs of the business and of the workers. Workers can be side to side on a longer or curved desk space or equally can share a larger, face-to-face desk arrangement. Finding the right configuration is important and this is dependent on the business at hand and what the requirements are of the workers. A design company will have very different collaborative desk space ideas to a data-entry team, for example. Whatever the needs of the business, dual workstations are proven in aiding productivity and collaboration in business partnerships.

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