Benefits of using Custom Membrane Switches:

Posted by markwahlbarg on February 7th, 2019

Working with the perfect tool facilitates our daily work and also improve quality. Custom membrane switches are also the perfect tool that makes our daily work easy. It is one of the things that used widely around the world in touch screen technology.

Let us find out the benefits of using membrane keypad:

Durability: Silicone rubber keypads are designed to withstand decades of use and millions of beats. In addition, as each key has an independent actuator it is possible to replace one if it is damaged. If a membrane keyboard is damaged, the entire membrane must be changed. Today it is also used in the fitness interface device.


This is the main character in which people who spend many hours in front of a keyboard. In modern keyboards, there is hardly any tactile response. In mechanics, the own switch of each key informs us without a doubt if we have pressed it or not. That's not to mention the unmistakable sound they make and their route which is generally greater than that of any modern keyboard, and light years away from that of laptop keyboards. There are many fitness monitor manufacture have started using these screen panels in their products.


It has to do with the above. By knowing better when we have pressed a key, it is easier to write with less errata or control any video game with more precision. That is the reason why many medical device manufacturers have also started using membrane keypad in their products.

Performance in video games:

When playing on PC, the membrane keypad has no rival. They are simply more resistant and faster. In this field, its main advantage is what is known as KRO or Key Roll Over.


Do you like to crush the keys with force? Are you one of those who caresses the keyboard at a blinding speed? Do you want each key to glow with a different color or do you prefer a minimalist design for your desktop? It does not matter how you write or play. There is so much variety of membrane keyboards that it is impossible that you will not find one that adapts perfectly to your needs.

Fabricating all these actuators is complex and expensive so, over time, manufacturers developed new technologies that replaced the independent actuators and sensors by a single sensitive membrane in which each mechanical actuator is replaced by a plastic spring on an electronic sensor in a rubber dome.

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