ONCE ON THIS ISLAND Star Hailey Kilgore Stunned Everyone With Her Stellar Debut

Posted by tickets4musical on February 8th, 2019

In her Broadway Debut as Ti Moune in ONCE ON THIS ISLAND, the musical’s star Hailey Kilgore revealed how she had been waiting for this moment and that she was ready.  Her Entrance in Green Flowing Dress for the opening song “The Wizard & I” was as shimmering as can be and her voice, her charisma was to die for. Are you a Hailey Kilgore fan? Then why not avail this perfect opportunity to see her perform live with Cheap Once On This Island Tickets at Tickets4musical. Everyone in the audience, the ones who were unfamiliar with her and even the ones who knew her were stunned with the strength her voice possessed with which she carried each of the songs in the musical.

In the direction of Ted Arthur’s musical track, most of the Kilgore’s songs were highly distinguishable ones and she proudly demonstrated a flawless balanced between youthfulness and matureness in each one of them, even the drummer Sean McDaniel could not escape her allure.

She had always been singing since her birth and her thrilling performances told so. Her enthusiastic voice is all the more reason to wish to stay and listen forever. If you are also as stunned as I am with her voice, you can hear her live. Just Buy Cheap Once On This Island Tickets available at Tickets4musical to have that privilege.

The crowd reverberated with cheers on the beautiful duet "Shallow," from Kilgore and her co-star Isaac Powell. Once again the audience was delighted when Laurissa "LaLa" Romain was called to the stage by Kilgore to sing "Take Me or Leave Me" from RENT as Kilgore sang back, "Don’t compromise 'cause this girl satisfies." The chemistry between both women was wonderful.

The whole evening was very satisfying however it got more moving when Kilgore started talking more about her personal story, as being adopted herself she said she could personally relate to Ti Moune. Kilgore had been brought up by her adoptive parents in a small town of Happy Valley, Oregon. Her personal story moved Kilgore herself, and audience to tears especially when she sang The Beatles' "Blackbird," going along with a really emotive personal story. You can enjoy more of her songs now as Tickets4musical is selling the musical’s Tickets along with Once On This Island Tickets Discount Code to enjoya special cut in actual price.She proclaimed she had never sung the song in public before and that she was excited to have been able to perform it in front of her family. The song was the deepest and striking version of the classic song that rendered audience speechless.

"Blackbird" was instantly followed by "For Forever" From Dear Evan Hansen and then "Waiting For Life To Begin" from ONCE ON THIS ISLAND before beginning this song Kilgore expressed how she thinks every girl ought to sing this song. After a little pause she introduced her two understudies, Anna Uzele and Courtnee Carter, they delivered and outstanding version of the song that audience had to stand up for their honor and gave them a fantastic standing ovation.

The musical ended with her final song that she describes as a love letter “Human Heart.” Cheapest Once On This Island Tickets are on sale at Tickets4musical and you can get them to enjoy this fascinating show. The whole cast of the ONCE ON THIS ISLAND including Powell, Uzele, Carter, Emerson Davis, Cassondra James, and Mia Williamson to join her for one of the musical's most lovely songs. Along with the members on the stage the ones at their tables also took part in the song. There can never be a better experience than sitting in an open field and hearing the whole production singing a single song.

The height of voice and the power in Kilgore character is one that promises a bright future for her.

In the end I left the theater totally satisfied and a wish that it could last a little longer. I’m pretty sure that you will feel the same way after visiting once. So, order your Discounted Once On This Island Tickets attickets4muscial and enjoy this fabulous production at a much lesser price than any other vendor online.

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