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Posted by Web Clues Global on February 8th, 2019

In today's world, UI/UX design is being used to attract customers, and consumers also prefer to buy from a website that has a good UI/UX design. UI / UX Design is a very important part of website and application development.

Let’s Talk about how much important UX/UI Designing in today’s highly competitive market and Customers are more interested in shopping online rather than going to the store themselves for the attention, your website or Application must look Attractive and different in Nowadays. In General Language Here I am explaining, if you want maximum peoples to know about your website, without any marketing strategy you need to develop powerful Website or Application and well optimize from high experience and Dedicate UX/UI designer.

Know more about UX/UI Design

UX design and UI design User experience (UX) design focuses on enhancing user satisfaction by improving how we interact with the websites, applications, and devices in our lives. In other words, UX makes complex things easy to use. Further to say that I will give you some overview of Design

Well, let’s start with the full forms first.

1: UX Design (User experience)

User experience design includes elements of interaction design, visual design, information architecture, user research, and other disciplines, and is concerned with all facets of the overall experience delivered to users.

2: UI Design (User Interface)

User interface design (UI) or user interface engineering is the design of user interfaces for machines and software, such as computers, home appliances, mobile devices, and other electronic devices, with the focus on maximizing usability and the user experience. Hire our UX designer services like web design, Logo design, and banner design.

Benefits of UX and UI Designer

UX (User Experience)

To be honest there is no exact definition of UX design. UX Design is a platform that aims to make the website and app power efficient and to make the customer a satisfactory experience. UX Design is an experience that your users take when they using your website and app. The main purpose of the UX design of the applications and websites used in our daily lives easier. For example, Google was not the first search engine but it made the process of finding the most relevant information easy. Apple did not invent the Smartphone, but it designed the phone that is seamless to use. UX design is a key factor in sustaining and increasing the business in the present time. The UX design is replaced by a visitor on the website to the customer so that it generates revenue for the business.

1: Increases Business Intelligence and Ease of Decision Making

2:  Helps You Avoid Costly Redesign

3: Reduced number of steps

4:  Increases Sales and Conversion

5: Helps You Avoid Costly Redesign

UI (User Interface)

UI Design is usually a process that allows the customer to enjoy using our website and easily find all the things related to their needs and enjoy shopping. UI Design is generally used for products or services that the customer can find a specific product and buy the same product from your website so that your business will increase as well as face-to-face marketing for that you don’t need to promote your Website.

1: Reduces Development Time

2: Increased Productivity

3: Lower Support Costs

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