Get Urgent E Tourist Visa For India Adventures

Posted by eindianvisa on February 8th, 2019

India being the cultural heritage and a secular country is increasingly becoming a tourist spot attracting people from all over the world. India is a South Asian country having several unique temples famous for its cultural heritage, various wildlife sanctuaries and it is surrounded by Indian Ocean, Himalayas, Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. Applying fore-tourist visa for Indiais no more a task to stress about with our guidance. Also, there is possibility of getting an urgent e-tourist visa for India if you want to book tickets in a jiffy.

We here provide tourists around the world to apply for the e-tourist visa for India by following some easy steps:

  1. Fill the online application form.
  2. Pay online fees
  3. ETA via e-mail
  4. You are ready to travel

Documents required for online application:

  1. Scanned copy of front page of your passport
  2. Your photograph with white background and head at the center. Also, make sure to remove glasses or additional accessories form your face

The validity of a visa is 120 days and the holder can stay in India for a maximum of 60 days from the date of arrival in India. On e-Tourist Visa and e-Business, Visa 2 people are permitted to travel whereas 3 people are allowed on e-Medical Visa and can be issued only twice a year. The traveling should take place after 24 hours of the Visa approval. The applicant is not supposed to submit an original passport or any other documents. He/she is only supposed to submit the online application form and the respective Visa fees.

Urgent Indian Visa is also provided for fast issuance of Visa. The Visa is processed in 24-48 hours of fees and application submission. This includes some additional charges. Fee for e-Tourist Visa Application is 9 and for Urgent Visa is 0. If in need of help with emergency e-Tourist Visa kindly contact at: E-Tourist visa is applicable for a list of countries.

In case of rejection:

  • The Visa application fee is non-refundable in case of rejection, approval or any delay in the event that your Visa has been approved but you don’t wish to travel.
  • The authorities of the Immigration Department of India will be approving your visa and in case of rejection are not liable for providing the reason for rejection. However, a proof of rejection from the Immigration department will be provided to you for your reference and record.

In case of approval:

  • The visa will be allotted in 4 business days if the information submitted is accurate. In case of emergency e-Tourist Visa, the Visa is issued in 24-48 hours subject to completion of documents and necessary fees.
  • The hard copy of the processed Visa will be mailed which needs to be shown to the immigration officer at the airport by the passenger.

Some important information

We at E-IndianVisa Services have a commercial website and are not any Embassy/Consulate/High Commission or the representative of any Government Department of India. Your application through will be consulted and supported. We will help with all required documents for your e-Tourist visa applications and you will get your visa update frequently and get visa result from us. If you apply through our website you will have to be charged a service fee and Indian Government Fee. You can directly apply in person through Indian Missions or official Indian Government Website where you will be charged lower.


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