IQOS Cigarette Heating ? A Popular and Secure Smoking Alternative

Posted by HeetsUSA on February 8th, 2019

Recently a new product introduced in the US market which is known to be used for smokeless tobacco inhaling. It is gaining popularity as the best alternative for cigarette smokers who want to opt for a safe way to inhale tobacco which causes less harm to health as compared to conventional cigarette smoking. It is known as IQOS and is used to heat the tobacco sticks to produce tobacco-infused steam for inhaling. It is an electronic device which holds the heat-not-burn sticks or heets cigarettes to produce tobacco vapor to offer with the satisfaction of original cigarette smoking. If you are fond of smoking and are looking for a healthy alternative, then you can buy the heets cigarettes in USA and smoke them through the IQOS device to lower the percentage of harmful effects on your health while enjoying the nicotine.

  • With the help of IQOS electronic device, you can inhale tobacco without any smoke, ash, fire, and combustion because it will not burn the heets tobacco sticks but produce tobacco vapor with heating. It is specifically designed to heat the tobacco at 350 degree Celsius, and it delivers flavored nicotine which provides you with the true burning taste of tobacco. You can use the heat tobacco stick for 10 to 14 puffs and can use it as the healthy alternative to usual smoking.
  • With the help of heets cigarettes, you can also help yourself to quit the habit of smoking if you really want to. You can buy a pack of heets cigarettes in USA from a local store and order a set of IQOS kit with heat tobacco sticks online to get home delivery. You can put a tobacco stick in the IQOS device and utilize it to heat the tobacco filled in the electronic tobacco stick and can start inhaling the nicotine vapor without smoke. It will provide you taste of original smoking but won’t harm your health as compared to traditional cigarettes. The aroma of heated tobacco will remain same to the burning tobacco with IQOS heat device.

  • With the use of electronic tobacco sticks, you can also reduce the release of harmful chemicals through the use of IQOS device as it will heat the tobacco and no smoke will be produced. The use of IQOS cigarette smoking is rapidly increasing in the United States due to its ability to cause less risk to humans as compared to the cigarettes that burn the tobacco and produce harmful smoke that contains a higher amount of toxin that can affect the lungs, heart, and other organs of the body.

  • As an adult smoker, you are advised to switch to the IQOS cigarette smoking as it contains less risk than ordinary cigarettes and a safe alternative to smoking for the environment as well. By opting for the electronic cigarette smoking, you can also contribute to the prevention of the environment from the harmful substances to keep it pure and clean.

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